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Monster Hunter Rise demo releasing today

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If you inspect the spot where Mog was staring at you'll get a Relic that eliminates random encounters.

If you fail to save Shadow then it's Relm who is found in the caves. The original English translation didn't account for this, so the dialogue would refer to the person as female either way, which set off a LOT of conspiracy theories about Shadow's identity back in the day....

I guess I should mention by now there are two secret characters you can get if you search for them. I can't remember if there were good hints in the game for them, so I don't want to just give it away if you want to search for yourself, but you were very close to one of them, so I'll throw out my own hints and give the answer in a separate spoiler if you give up.

First character: You were close but...
Hint: You should explore Narshe more.
Answer: Jump down the hole where Valigarmanda was to find more of the mines.

Second character:
Hint: Explore the island to the northeast of the world map.
Answer: Let the Zone Eater enemy eat your entire party.

Okay, I rolled a 14. What's that mean? Hsu
That you're a cheater. This is a 12-sided die. Chan

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