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Do you think Jeff is Ugly?

47 y/o Jeff Gebhart from Prairie Village, Kansas is a LONELY BACHELOR who will pay ANYONE 25,000 smackers if they help him and SUCCEED in his quest to find a GIRLFRIEND!!

He said online dating has been "toxic" and wanted to have a chance to date a woman who he might not normally meet and launched a website called that is dedicated to helping him find the perfect woman and he's willing to pay matchmakers a hefty sum to finding his "soul-mate"..

The entrepreneur boasts that he RUNS WITH BULLS and JUMPING OUT OF PLANES and has a "zest for life" who wants a fun, driven and goofy woman

He's 5'7 and has NEVER been married or had kids and can't for the life of him find a woman who will stay with him despite traveling the world and is "successful" in life who went to Spain to run with bulls and jumped out of airplanes and snowboard wearing a PINK BUNNY COSTUME

He explained he's a little nervous but is excited to see if anyone can help this single man find love adding he tried Bumble, Tinder, Hinge but none of that worked out with any woman he matched

He wanted to meet a woman he would never meet at a gym or a grocery store and this is his way in reaching out to the world to help him

Discussing his motivation for the hefty referral fee, he said "It's a little weird, i get it, adding money into something where i'm honestly interested in finding a soul mate. I just tell them dating is expensive and this is how much i spend on dates each month after calculating my costs and how long it take to find a significant other and i came to that reward"

He also said he'd donate a further 25,000 to an animal shelter as his website is a personality matching survey that will take them to see if they would match Jeff but any woman who nominates themselves WILL NOT get the 25,000 smackers

Jeff says "I don't need a person to complete me, but i'm looking for a person with qualities that will allow us to compliment each other"

Do you think Jeff is Ugly?
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