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Would 15,000 be enough for you if you had to go through surgery to have your stomach/gallbladder removed cause of this incompetent waiter? - Results (2 votes) Yes. i don't want to hurt the business so 15k is enough 0% (0 votes) 0 F*** No. i'd demand way more for this incompetence 100% (2 votes) 2 45 y/o Stacey Wagers from Florida is suing a hotel after she drank LIQUID NITROGEN when a WAITER poured it into her water glass that has now resulted in her getting her GALLBLADDER and part of her STOMACH REMOVED..and she's only suing them for 15,000 smackers!!

She and a friend were celebrating her birthday at Don Cesar Hotel Maritana Grille Restaurant when she needed to be rushed to the hospital after drinking the poisoned water.

Wagers said she and her firend had just finished eating whent hey saw a waiter pouring a liquid over a dessert that made it "smoke" at a table nearby and wagers said her friend told the waiter that smokey effect looked cool and so he poured it into her water which turned out to be nitrogen, a freezing agent, and Wagers drank out of it not knowing what it was..

She said "Of course i didn't think it was a dangerous at all"

Wagers immediately felt sick as she said it felt like an EXPLOSION in her chest and felt like she was dying as she was unable to speak..

Staff immediately called 911 where she was rushed to hospital and an emergency surgery had to take place to remove her gallbladder and portions of her stomach that was burned by the nitrogen and had to stay in the ICU for days.

Her attorney, Adam Brum said she lost 25 pounds as a result and is expected to have lifelong digestion issues..

The lawsuit said the hotel and its employees should have known that drinking liquid nitrogen was dangerous and she was completely unaware of the danger of drinking it when the waiter poured it in.

The lawusit is filed against the hotel and its restaurant director of food and beverage and claims their staff should have been adequately trained as Brum said "You're not supposed to just pour it into someone's drink and allow them to just take a big gulp of this"

In August 2018, the FDA released an alert on adding liquid nitrogen as it is non-toxic, it can cause severe damage to skin and internal organs if mishandled or accidentally ingested

She is suing both the hotel and food and beverage director of just more than 15 grand and is seeking a jury trial..

If you had your gallbladder and stomach removed, would 15,000 satisfy you?

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