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Do you think schools should do "unannounced active shooter drills"? - Results (5 votes) Yes. Best way to prepare incase something like this for real happens 40% (2 votes) 2 No. That's just the worst thing you can do to cause mass panic. It should always be announced first as a drill 60% (3 votes) 3 Parents of high school aged teens in Florida are outraged after they received an "unannounced" red code drill conducted last week that sent students and teachers into a SCREAMING PANIC!!

District Spokeseman Michael Lawrence said it happened Thursday morning at Lake Brantley High School as panic ensued when a Lake Brantley student shared the screenshot of the alert that teachers also received during the drill that warned of an active shooter on school grounds!

It said "Active shooter at Brantley/Building 1/Building 2 and other buildings by B Shafer at 10:21:45. Initiate a Code Red Lockdown"

The only problem was that it didn't indicate that the active shooter incident was not real and the district said it sometimes conduct unannounced drills and immediately alert parents

He said the message may have gone "bit later" than normal

A mother posted that her daughter was terrified the entire time and said "Nothing is more terrifying than getting a text from your daughter who is hiding in her classroom and having a complete anxiety attack".

Principal Trent Daniel sent out an email that stating that a student was responsible for the "campus disruption caused by a social media post" and added that it is being investigated as a "disciplinary matter and all responsible parties will be disciplined"

Do you think schools should do "unannounced active shooter drills"?.

The text -

The screaming students -

School -
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