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The Hottest is...

Popular South Korean Girl Group BlackPink became the first K-Pop artists to perform at Coachella last year and have been on a blitz in America promoting their band after the massive success of BTS in the country.

They are performing at various american venues including Good Morning America and Today Show as the quartet are on a worldwide tour and a comeback after going on hiatus in their native country for some time..

They are hoping the rise of Korean Pop bands can break into the american market thanks to their catchy sounds and unique choreography and even though many americans can't understand the language, the love of K-Pop has resonated with many fans...

Their video "Kill This Love" became a Youtube Hit after reaching a milestone as the fastest viewed video ever and is currently on Just Dance 2020

But who's the Hottest in this K-Pop group?


Jisoo -

Jennie -

Rose -

Lisa -
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