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Do you think Caitlin should have a right to tell her story on the student newspaper? - Results (3 votes) Yes. It's not like kids don't know about it already and if she wants to tell her, that's her right 100% (3 votes) 3 No. Kids are not old enough to read this stuff, especially on a current student 0% (0 votes) 0 California English Teacher, Kathi Duffel could be FIRED after she oversaw a high school newspaper story about an 18 y/o current STUDENT who is working in the PORN INDUSTRY!!

She came under pressure from Bear Creek High School to allow administrators to review the story of 18 y/o Caitlin Fink, that is set to run in the award winning students newspaper, the Bruin Voice...

Kathi has taught English for 33 YEARS in the Lodi School District and believes Fink should be able to tell her story

She said "This young woman has quite a story to tell. She has every right to tell her story, we have every right to report it"

The officials however disagree and said the story violates the state education code that prohibits publication of material that is "obscene, libelous or slanderous" since it focuses on "the production of adult videos"

The officials are demanding to see it first before it is published but Duffel said they shouldn't and is refusing to allow them to

The story focuses on her journey into the porn industry and explains a fallout she had with her parents the previous year and forced her to leave home

Bailey Kirkeby said the piece humanizes Fink but as soon as the school found out, they pulled the plug and threatened Duffel with a letter to see it or risk being fired

Duffel said "I tell the kids, free speech isn't free, is it?"

Fink details the challenges of the porn industry including a popular porn website she was on.

Duffel has now contacted an attorney and the district warned her that she would be personally liable for any legal claims that result from the article

An attorney with the Student Press Law Centre will review the story to resolve any legal concerns

Do you think Caitlin should be able to tell her story?

Kathi - Facing firing

Caitlin - Student in Porn

Bailey - Student Editor

Student paper -
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