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Do you think what Claire did was "entrapment"?

A Woman only known as "Claire" is a liberal who disguised herself as a MAGA supporter on dating site BUMBLE to reel in suspected CAPITOL RIOTERS and bust them to the FBI!!

She reinstalled the app after a lengthy hiatus realizing she could help the feds catch conservative jerks and told Huff Post she deleted a photo of herself wearing a "vagina hat" at a feminist march and uploaded a generic looking shot of herself on a boat and changed her affiliation to conservative

And not long she caught the eye of 32 y/o Andrew Quentin Taake who sent her a photo of himself at the riot and BRAGGED of being pepper sprayed during the violence

Claire said "I was watching on the news and seeing everyone walk back. It felt kind of useless to me to be that close and not kind of do anything proactive about it"

She said it was an appeal from then president-elect Biden to catch rioters that made her do this and she said to herself "Ok, fine. i will"

Bumble allows female users to make the first move and initiate conversations and eventually matched Taake whos profile said he was just 8 miles away in Alexandria, Virginia

After exchanging enough pleasantries for Taake to let his guard down despite her "comical minimal ego stroking" she began probing him and fish for information learning he was the capitol and sent pics of himself to her as proof but then claimed there were ANTIFA members there trying to make them look bad

From the beginning many trump supporters claim antifa members were hiding in their group causing the clash to make them look as violent as they were

But claire managed to get a selfie photo he sent ot her of him and he hinted of his desire to cause further trouble ahead of the biden inauguration when he said "There is too much criminal stuff to come out. There are many many willing Patriots and wiling to head back to DC depending on what happens"

Once she felt confident he was a capitol rioter, she culled his profile and discovered the name of the business he co-owns and then to his FB along with 3 other MAGA capitol rioters who he communicated with and passed it to the FBI

She basically asked him "Wow, crazy, tell me more on repeat until they gave me enough. One of my friends was like, you basically got all these confessions just being like, haha then what"

3 months later an FBI agent contacted her to ask for more info and by 6 months, taake was finally arrested where he whipped and pepper sprayed police and yet even though he admitted to taking part, he was still trying to woo conservative by bragging about his "once in a lifetime" moment...

He even met up with claire, just days later and he gave her enough information to send him away.

Though Bumble only displays first names, he was identified as the owner of Hi-Flow Houston, a power washing service where the FBI zeroed in on him and discovered a number of his friends who were at the riot as well.

He is now charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers and obstruction

Taake said through his attorney that this was an ENTRAPMENT and should not be used against him in court for her illegal fishing of information

Do you think what Claire did was "entrapment"?
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