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Does it bother you when you see physically fit men who love morbidly obese girls??

A New Reality Show will air on TLC next year that shows the lives of MUSCLE MEN who are in LOVE with MORBIDLY OBESE WOMEN as they face public scrutiny and skepticism from the public, friends and family for their "mixed-weight" relationship!!

The show is called "Hot & Heavy" tht follows Joy and Chris, Kristin andRusy and Adrianna and Ricardo where they struggle todefend their love affair

Ricardo says "Adrianna is the HOTTEST woman i've ever seen in my life. We're just 2 people that are difference sizes, and i don't feel like there should be a stigma behind you. She really turns me on when she's in LINGERIE"

Adrianna said she DOESN'T FEEL WORTHY to be with someone like him as she weighs a massive 400lbs and he's a buff man who could get a much skinnier girl...

She said "I always had this idea that i didn't deserve love because of what i looked like."

And the duo face constant stares and insults from the public as one man was seen in a clip driving by who said "Lay off the ice cream ya cow,Moooo!"

Another shows her confronting a high school bully who was the first to point out her weight

Ricardo said "I'm not a violent person, but if i have to protect her, i will with pleasure"

Chris and Joy have been dating for 3 years but friends and family don't approve..Joy says "Mymom told me that it would be difficult to find love if i was heavy." as Chris said "I love every inch of Joy. There are a lot of inches to love"

In the trailer, he's asked if it's a FETISH thing for him as they tell him he should be with someone more "conventionally attractive" as one man off camera said "He could get any girl that he wants but he ends up with with Joy"

When he tells his family he plans to PROPOSE, a woman who appears to be his mom says "What about her weight issue?"

Kristin and Rusty have been married for 2 years as Kristin said "I think every girl hopes they're going to get a hunky husband so i totally hit the jackpot"

Rusty ssays he loves Kristin's beautiful 329 size and wouldn't mind if she got bigger

Kristin says "How did that big girl get that hunky guy? Maybe it's because i have a GOLDEN VAGINA!!"

But they do want to start a family and Kristin said she MAY get gastic bypass so she can make that happen and in one scene shows her tossing a bowl of POTATO CHIPS over her shoulder over a fight with her husband after seh said "You just want to keep me fat"...

Twitter no doubt SLAMMED the show for glorifying fat lifestyles..

Does it bother you when you see Physically Fit Men with Morbidly Obese Women?

Adrianna & Ricardo -

Joy & Chris -

Kristin & Rusty -

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