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Do you think these violent MAGA Freaks are a Cult?

43 y/o Frog Head, Ian Benjamin Rogers from California was arrested for possession of FIVE PIPE BOMBS and was allegedly threatening to go WAR on LIBERALS after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election!!

He told officers the bombs were for "entertainment" but text messages show he was about to harm DEMOCRATS and that he would go to war if Trump left the white house.

He was also in possession of a WHITE PRIVILEGE CARD which referenced Trump

He owns an auto repair shop, British Auto Repairs in Napa Valley as they also discovered a gun at his business during the raid as well as the pipe bombs, black powder, pipes and endcaps

They also found manuals that explained construction of explosives, the Anarchist Cookbook, the US Army Improvised Munitions Handbooks and Homemade C-4, a Recipe for Survival

Attorney David Anderson said they will prosecute illegal weapons stockpiles against him regardless of the motivation

He had contempt for Liberals in the aftermath of the election as Trump repeatedly claimed fraud

He wrote "We can attack twitter or the democrats, you pick. I think we can attack either easily. I want to blow up a democrat building so bad with all of them inside". He had a huge dislike of liberals claiming they were INDOCTRINING his kids and vented on the idea of PAYING more in taxes things he doesn't need like OBAMACARE.

Thousands of rounds of ammo was seized including 49 guns and has a sticker on his truck "Three Pecenters" militia group.

His lawyer says he has 15 years as a well respected business owner, father and family man and has been a contributing member of society who always worked

If convicted he faces 10 years in prison and a 250,000 fine as well as 30+ years in state prison

Do you think these violent Trumpers are a Cult?
The News Will Continue...For Now
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