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Do you think her voice mail was unprofessional and offensive?

19 y/o Zanaya Jones says the manager REJECTED her for a job at a Grocery Store because of her so called INAPPROPRIATE voicemail message and viewers were having none of it!!

She took to tiktok to play the message that was recorded of her playful message but a manager at Harris Teeter Grocery Store in South Carolina called her up after reviewing her application and was put off by that tone

She played the manager's response which got more than 22 million views...

Commentators were horrified and said this was a major red flag stating it would have been a hostile work environment anyways with a pushover like that and said she dodged a bullet

Speaking to Buzzfeed, she agreed that she was better off stating it wasn't vulgar nor was it professional but it wasn't bad. Plus it was a grocery store job. It wasn't like she was trying to apply to MICROSOFT.

She will now just apply for a job IN PERSON and make sure to pick up the phone before another employer hears her message...or she'll change if it's really that offensive.

What do you think? was it offensive?

Zanaya's VM -

The jerk of a manager's VM -

Outrage -

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