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Would you tip off police if you found out there was a sexual relationship among blood related family? - Results (0 votes) Yes % (0 votes) 0 No % (0 votes) 0 21 y/o Nebraska Heifer, Samantha Kershner and her 39 y/o Perverted Father, Travis Fieldgrove were both arrested after police received an anonymous hero tip about their sexual INCEST!!

They are both charged with incest after Samantha said she COMPETED with her HALF SISTER over who could have SEX with their DAD FIRST!!

They both admitted to the romantic and sexual relationship even though they knew they were biologically related.

They got MARRIED in October, just one month after police were investigating them

They met for the first time 3 years when she was 17 after she asked her mom who her real dad was.

They've maintained that daughter-father relationship for 3 years..

But it wasn't until last year when they had Sex as they will NOT reveal WHY it turned sexual other than Samantha saying her dad was "Very Handsome" and she couldn't "resist" her urges.

She also said she had a JEALOUS competition with her half sister who ALSO was attracted to her Father and they fought CONSTANTLY over who gets to have Sex with him first

Samantha's mother notified the police as well on the relationship...

Travis married his daughter at the Adams County Courthouse after they found out they were being investigated for incest as Samantha said it was a "victory" she WON her dad.

Marriage licensing requirements where they married state both parties must provide full names of their parents before it can be approved, fieldgrove did not list him as the father on the certificate.

When questioned by police, he said he didn't believe she was his daughter because his name wasn't listed but a paternity test was done and was found 99.999 percent probability he was the father..that didn't change his mind because he wanted to have a BABY with her too!!

Both are charged with one of count of incest and are held on 100,000 and 20,000 bond and face 8 YEARS in Prison!!

Would you anonymously alert police if you found out there was incest going on with others?

Samantha and Travis - Barforama
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