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It's National Pancake Day

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lihlih posted...
That I got kicked out of the Army for being incompetent, when it was my choice. (The Batallion Commander actually pulled me into his office to see if I wanted him to postpone the chapter when I was on Battalion Staff Duty)

You told us you got fat on purpose to get out, no? Which means that you failed in your obligations to your contract with the military. Which makes you incompetent. If you "choose" to be incompetent, you're incompetent.

I "cheated" on my "wife", when all of us know that it was a contract marriage and there was no cheating on anything.

Oh, so you admit you were married, and you admitted several times in the past to cheating... So yeah. You cheated on your wife, "contract marriage" doesn't change that.

It was a negative development that I chose to get out of the Army and make shitload more than I was making in the Army while keeping all my benefits.

I must've missed that. Who said it's a negative development?

That I only make double of 28k when your dementia ridden brain can't even remember BAH and BAS, and I said more than double, so you don't even have any reading comprehension whatsoever.

Again, this is something you told us in the past, and then brought up the BAH after it was brought to your attention that there are people here who are fully aware what enlisted people make.

Some bullshit about adultery UCMJ and me having to abandon shit when anyone with half a brain would know that getting out for more money and a contract marriage with a finished contract is no big deal.

You got Cacc there... Though the fact that you admit to cheating on your wife lends the notion some credibility.

Again, calling me a "coward" for being savvy and making way more money.

No one called you a coward for that. We said you're a coward for bailing on your obligation to the military, then turning around and trying to claim you're the same as other veterans who saw their obligations through to the end.

Making bullshit about me driving a shitter truck and working in the oilfield.

I don't recall you saying you drove a honey wagon but I do recall you saying you worked oil fields, so that's more things you've said yourself in the past, though I believe you drive a cement mixer now, no?

"Saying I couldn't hack it in the Army when I got out to make more money."

You couldn't hack it... As evidenced by the fact (which you admit) that you got kicked out...

So out of all that, you got us on one lie, which has a kernel of truth to it so

"My last bike gave me severe taint pain." - Dikitain

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