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Kanon says he would leave if Shannon leaves
A: Honey, the path you chose will not lead anywhere good.

Jessica: Youre not furniture! Enjoy your life more!
A: Im sure with your ahem affection, he could enjoy his life a lot more.

Kanon: Ive decided to stop being furniture. Just be patient
A: I just have to murder half your family first. Shannon has the other half. We drew lots.

Jessica says Kanon should call her Jessica and not Milady, at least in private not in public
A: Yes, because if Natsuhi hears that, shell have Genji take him out behind the woodshed. Aaand, my brain just went to bad places. I meant to spank him! And yes, I would also spank Genji

Jessica makes Kanon call her Jessica but he has to add san because its embarrassing otherwise
A: This is so cute. Even if it is just Battler playing with his dolls which includes his cousin

Kanon reveals his name as Yoshiya.
A: Oh my god finally.
And then Kanon calls Jessica My lady Jessica and she gets really into it.
A: Methinks someone is a little excited at being called that. Do you need a new pair of panties, Jessica?
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