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I feel like Gen V was exactly the game I needed at the time it came out, but if it came out today, I would hate it. I had grown tired of Pokemon after Gen IV and a large part of that was because it seemed that game wanted you to reuse Pokemon you had already used (in Pearl, if I wanted a decent Fire type, it had to be Ponyta, and if I wanted a good psychic type, it had to be Abra or Ralts.) So when Gen V came along and forced all new Pokemon on you, I was thrilled. And for what it's worth, I think a lot of Gen V's Pokemon are great and have good designs.

But now with the way GTS is set up, if I want to play through a game* with a specific team of Pokemon that aren't available until late game, or at all, I can still do so.

*Obviously with the Pokedex reductions in Sword and Shield, this won't be the case with those two games.
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