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Virgilia grants Battler a single red truth: Natsuhi is not the culprit
Arria smiles. Aww. I like Virgilia here!
This is the first part of my favorite red truth in the game. The line that says Natsuhi is pure and faithful. I wont permit this vulgar tale youre all so fond of. Anyway, I didnt tell Arria the full extent of the line, but I did tell her that my favorite piece of red truth is coming up soonish.
A: I cant wait!

Lambda suggests Beato take a plea bargain and Bern will accept a draw
A: This reminds me of the flaws with the court system, where there are so many people besides lawyers that they will tell you to take the plea bargain otherwise its just so damn expensive.

Natsuhi says she will not betray her husband. She will uphold the honor of the family.
A: God damn it I love Natsuhi so much! Shes so cool here!
Bern then accuses her
A: She is nothing if not predictable. Also, your mouth should not be able to open that wide.
(Bern has one of her sprites where her mouth is pretty wide compared to her normal, but it still didn't seem that off to me lol)
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