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Boogie2988 has released a merch line

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SgtBash posted...
He's lost weight, not as big as he was.

I'll never forget that vid where someone on Xbox Live called him a "fat ass", then it was a back and forth until he got up and smashed the fuck out of his Xbox 360, he even took it outside and battered it with a guitar.

One of his neighbours must have been staring because he snapped at them as well.

Plus more recently he's been in legal trouble, some guy was harassing him then the guy showed up to his house, Boogie pulled a gun on him, a shot was fired but don't think it hit the guy. I don't know what the latest is on that

he got gastric bypass and went down to like 330. But hes back up to 405 right now. Kinda fucked up

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