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Semifinal 1 of Eurovision 2021 at 21:00 CET

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So fun to see so many posters

Regarding Australia. They are a member of the EBU and can thus compete. The EBU is the organisation which owns Eurovision.

spikethedevil posted...
Do you have someone talking over all the songs in Sweden? Though tbf Graham Norton is a bog improvement over Terry Wogan though I am aware saying anything negative about him can be a no no over here his borderline racist comments during Eurovision soured my opinion on him big time.

Best of luck to Sweden btw.
Our commentators usually have the sense to be quiet during the actual performances, thank God. Their job is to translate what the hosts are saying and interviews though which gets a bit annoying as a Swede who understand English well. I like what Ive seen of Graham Norton!

And Thanks for the well wishes!

"BalanceLost has a steam-powered PS2 because Sweden don't have electric" - dimeanatrix

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