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Str8 guys with great butts who dress to accentuate said butt.
BalanceLost1301/17 3:45pm
The age of each SW film under 2020.
BalanceLost1701/17 1:06pm
Rate the Swedish Elsa *Frozen 2 spoilers*
BalanceLost1801/16 3:12am
Nilus Langballe, du må gå till madam Pussi Pomfrit på en gang!
BalanceLost1001/15 5:59pm
Frozen 2 was great. Good story and music.
BalanceLost701/02 7:48am
My pre-favs to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2020.
BalanceLost912/31 7:54am
I bring you a very important message *TROS SPOILERS*
BalanceLost712/31 4:06am
My bf, brother and dad all enjoyed TROS too.
BalanceLost1312/31 4:05am
I'm now up at 98.1 kg.
BalanceLost1212/30 7:15pm
Adam Driver is pretty handsome tbh.
BalanceLost1412/27 5:43am
Sweden's entry from Eurovision 2011.
BalanceLost312/26 5:50am
Sweden's entry from Eurovision 2010.
BalanceLost312/26 5:48am
God Jul, CE!
BalanceLost1612/26 2:51am
I'm seeing TROS again on Thursday.
BalanceLost612/23 4:12pm
Lego are being sneaky fucks with the Knights of Ren.
BalanceLost1312/23 11:00am
I enjoyed the fuck outta TROS. Marked spoilers.
BalanceLost1812/23 1:55am
Cole slew the coleslaw.
BalanceLost512/22 3:21pm
A handsome twunk with 6% body fat approach you and say:
BalanceLost2712/22 2:45am
Countdown to Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker
BalanceLost9012/18 3:49pm
Cum and go. Hit it and quit it. Shoot and scoot.
BalanceLost7612/17 1:39pm
Can the UK leave the EU now?
BalanceLost712/13 12:35pm
Have you seen the new TROS clip? *SPOILERS*
BalanceLost912/13 12:21pm
How did little Sweden become #1 in the world, per capita, in music?
BalanceLost2612/11 6:42pm
These swimwear are hot in theory but having a plastic clip seem very uncomfy.
BalanceLost1912/11 1:04am
The Norwegian Harry Potter names are all insane but the price goes to...
BalanceLost2012/09 11:05pm
Conservative leader breaks public promise to Holocaust survivor.
BalanceLost1312/06 10:00am
Fallen Order sold out so fast in Sweden.
BalanceLost1712/06 12:53am
Sweden might finally get the same nat. res. laws as Norway.
BalanceLost1012/05 10:23am
Hot guys and booty!
BalanceLost1412/03 5:13am
What does "deadpan" mean?
BalanceLost612/02 10:41am
I LOVE Star Wars but Kathleen Kennedy is such a dumbass.
BalanceLost1011/30 5:39am
New TROS tv spot where HE speak new lines.
BalanceLost1111/30 4:08am
Body part belonging to missing 17-year old found.
BalanceLost711/29 4:29pm
Who got your first "real" kiss?
BalanceLost2811/29 9:49am
Really cute gay guy can turn into... a human wheel.
BalanceLost1011/27 4:11pm
Dear heterosexuals, can you answer this question?
BalanceLost2111/25 12:46pm
Disney+ & Thrust (apparently)
BalanceLost1311/25 10:19am
When you go to a restaurant with your SO and you've fucked the waiter.
BalanceLost1711/23 8:09pm
I post Swedish pop songs in this topic.
BalanceLost2411/23 1:34am
Pics of new SW Lego including more TROS sets.
BalanceLost1811/22 1:49pm
I follow too many thots on Instagram tbh.
BalanceLost2111/22 8:53am
A really hot guy is often at the gym at the same time as me.
BalanceLost711/17 4:02pm
My Lego Poe Dameron's X-Wing from 2015 has come ;3
BalanceLost2111/17 5:48am
This SW take on the table cat meme.
BalanceLost1911/16 4:21pm
The local Right-wing rule in my city pass car plan which increase pollution
BalanceLost311/15 7:09am
I found an unopened Lego set I regret not buying back in 2015.
BalanceLost1011/10 3:04pm
Let's post hot/cute guys. CE totally need a new topic like that tbh.
BalanceLost411/10 3:02pm
Ever go on a date which challenged pre-concieved notions you had/have?
BalanceLost211/10 4:54am
You get to spend a weekend with one of these 5 famous openly gay Swedes.
BalanceLost2311/10 3:22am
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo.
BalanceLost2311/09 11:02am
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