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"The Government is killing a whole type of business".
BalanceLost308/11 6:37am
US version of Eurovision coming holiday season 2021.
BalanceLost2908/10 2:48pm
Swedish artist Darin comes out as gay.
BalanceLost2108/10 6:43am
Lol, my instagay topic was modded
BalanceLost1408/10 2:16am
These are the Swedish Star Wars titles translated to English.
BalanceLost1908/10 2:16am
This is a typical post from an "Instagay".
BalanceLost2508/08 5:15pm
Greece should have won Eurovision 2001.
BalanceLost2108/07 2:44am
Wtf. I just went to the toilet. Smells like death now lmao
BalanceLost108/06 2:59pm
Zara Larsson and Carola sing Säg Mig.
BalanceLost508/06 10:49am
Rain. On. Me.
BalanceLost1507/31 3:38pm
Happy Stockholm Pride!!
BalanceLost107/27 5:03pm
This Star Wars meme makes me lol
BalanceLost407/26 3:44pm
Sweden's economy "the least harmed in Europe".
BalanceLost12707/25 8:45am
Selfie topic: Face Mask Edition
BalanceLost307/24 10:07pm
Another round of guess the English word!
BalanceLost5207/22 4:04pm
The Spanish clothing brand Addicted got a very specific demographic.
BalanceLost2707/21 4:01pm
My Top 10 of Eurovision 2020
BalanceLost1907/21 3:28am
80 ultra rich people ask for tax increases on them.
BalanceLost407/18 4:09pm
Show us your tattoo(s) :D
BalanceLost13007/17 3:54am
Drinking beer at a White Guide recommended hipster place.
BalanceLost307/15 11:21am
Dua Lipa - Hallucinate (music video)
BalanceLost1607/15 8:27am
All Nordic Eurovision winners (1963-2015).
BalanceLost1307/12 5:46am
I'm coolin' with the homies on a mountain.
BalanceLost1907/11 4:49pm
This is the artist who sings Rachel McAdams' parts
BalanceLost1107/08 4:13am
40 municipalities almost got 70% of Covid-deaths.
BalanceLost707/08 2:53am
Sweden's Government might dissolve.
BalanceLost3207/07 5:22pm
The National Debt is something the SocDems deserve more praise for.
BalanceLost407/06 3:49am
The season finale of Dark *spoilers*
BalanceLost507/05 2:42pm
Virus and bacteria killing material invented
BalanceLost2807/05 3:35am
THAT song from Netflix's Eurovision movie *spoilers*
BalanceLost2707/05 2:58am
Me Englisch nicht verstehen. Let's speak dance!
BalanceLost307/03 7:51am
I am so drunk
BalanceLost306/27 3:40pm
WHO backs from false statement about Sweden.
BalanceLost606/26 12:21pm
Finally my last day of work before vacation.
BalanceLost106/26 1:25am
Just 07 and already 20 C in the shade.
BalanceLost306/25 1:31am
Another round of Guess The English Word.
BalanceLost5106/25 1:12am
Plasma from recovered patients can treat COVID-19.
BalanceLost806/23 7:21am
Midsommarafton tomorrow.
BalanceLost1606/23 2:08am
Swedish June poll from Ipsos.
BalanceLost1106/19 11:02am
Brighter economic outlook for Sweden.
BalanceLost606/19 11:02am
Eurovision rules change to ensure 2021 contest can be held.
BalanceLost306/18 10:18am
Netflix' Eurovision movie comes out next week.
BalanceLost506/16 4:04pm
Zero new COVID-19 deaths during past 24h in Sweden.
BalanceLost2206/15 1:52am
Spill the beer, bro.
BalanceLost1206/14 1:27pm
Italy not sole vector of COVID spread in Sweden.
BalanceLost506/12 11:30am
The Iron Axis in Swedish politics is being rebuilt.
BalanceLost1205/29 4:56am
Beauty and The Emperor
BalanceLost705/22 11:50am
Swedes who used to live in the US gets Trumpbux.
BalanceLost1005/21 1:28pm
The results from Sweden's Eurovision 2020 voting show!
BalanceLost1905/20 10:44am
1 more day of work before 4 day weekend!
BalanceLost305/20 10:43am
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