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Todd and Aaron's Game Awards 2019

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I've been messing with my hotbar lately and learned something pretty important for controller. GCDs go on your right hand, oGCDs on your left. Always. It has pretty much reduced all clipping as soon as I started doing this and can now reliably double weave. I don't know why but it does work.

I learned this as I was finally leveling machinist and spent so long practicing getting those 5 heat blasts in Hypercharge. Couldn't get the last one. I had Heat Blast on circle, Gauss Round on Triangle, Ricochet on X. And I just couldn't do it. But as soon as I moved Ricochet and Gauss Round to the d-pad, it worked every single time

That made me think huh. My paladin main, if I double weave Circle of Scorn and FoF I sometimes clip. I had Circle of Scorn on X, FoF on d-pad. What if I moved Circle of Scorn to d-pad as well? And to my surprise, I could double weave and it was so smooth. So now I'm redoing all my hotbars with this in mind.

I didn't think it was a big deal, but the little time it takes to move your thumb from a GCD on circle to an OGCD on Triangle or whatever, can actually cause clipping.

Congrats to azuarc for winning GOTD2

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