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tennisdude818 posted...
Double standards are always an issue, and whites are the one racial group you can be racist against with no consequences. Compare the lack of consequences Sarah Jeong faced for her racist vitriol on Twitter with the fact that Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN over his comment about Israel.

Whites are the one racial group you can be "racist" against because it will NEVER go beyond mean comments.

I think this is why some white folk are trying so badly to push ALL RACISM IS EXACTLY THE SAME angle, because mean words (what they criticize black folk for by the way. "why are you upset about the n-word? It's just a word!") is the extent of the racism they'll ever face in their lifetime. Whereas minorites have to face in addition to mean words, actual institutions and legal and social biases against them that makes life legitimately harder.

Oh, some Asian girl said white people are dumb on Twitter? So sorry for you. That is just as bad as unfair sentencing and getting worse punishments for the same crime as whites. All racism is equally harsh and bad.