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I mean Zyuranger isnt exactly a run of the mill season even by Sentai standards

-a major shakeup of creative talent from previous years

-big increase in quality of the costumes/budget (seriously, compare Daizyujin and Dragon Cesar to Jet Robo, or Grifforzor to...almost any previous villain general)

-first recurring sixth ranger (well, technically Big One was the first in that archetype but that was the 70s and Toei refuses to admit it. Also JAKQ was a bit of a flop so Dragonranger being considered the first is probably better marketing/optics lol)

-first fantasy/magic themed season

like it was notable in a lot of ways. Like Geki and Daizyujin are even the basis for the design of next seasons red ranger. (Though Zenkaiger is certainly the most radical departure from formula so far)


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