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Nintendo_Porn posted...
While i stand by what i posted last i missed this, and good points. Just that i imagine we don't have the full picture, and for good reason. Not to imply tc is lying by omission, but trying to be mindful of oversharing which is wise.
I want to believe the nature of her response was due to how she was pushed for an answer, and ended up replying more harshly than she would've otherwise (notice how she gave one worded responses and then went off after getting pressed).

And not to make too many assumptions, but she probably figured TC would make a heel turn into the kind of pos guy that would stalk, harass, force himself back with her when the relationship went south. It's more a general concern as opposed to TC hiding an aspect of the relationship.

I've seen too many stories of guys seemingly being chill and overall pleasant at first, and turned volatile when they get comfortable or breakup, nevermind guys already getting problematic when rejected outside of a relationship. It was weird and somewhat insulting to mention directly to him if she knew he wasn't like that (I'll chalk that up to lack of social etiquette, people who don't socialize often come off more rude than they intend), but probably just letting him know not to overstep boundaries if it was truly over.

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