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Gakk86 posted...
The shake machines at McDonald's have to go through a 6-7 hour heating cycle every day, starting around midnight (they have to be cleaned first at least every other day, and that takes around an hour so you have to shut them down earlier). Then it takes 2-4 hours for the machine to cool down again to the point where it's dispensing ice cream instead of sweetened milk diarrhea. If the cycle fails, then the machine has to do it again, which means the shake machine is down for pretty much the whole day. There is no way to override this, and it fails for no reason whatsoever on a regular basis, likely due to the fact that the design is like 60 years old, let alone the machine.

Kaiganeer posted...
if the machines are anything like the ones over here, they have a 14-day counter on them that resets when they're taken apart, cleaned and put back together. the machine shuts down and will not work if they're not cleaned when the counter hits zero. the actual cleaning process is lengthy (4-5 hours depending on how much you can solely focus on that), it breaks down into around 50 parts with their sizes varying from as big as my forearm to as small as the tip of my pinky and the machines are notoriously finicky to work with

all of this is done by (generally) incompetent mcdonald's workers under time pressure (restaurant mgrs hate the process because "it's a waste of work hours") and without proper instructions because the ones you get from corporate are fucking trash and you had to print out the actual user manual from the manufacturer's site to get a better understanding of what you were doing

source: me, managed at a mcd's for 6 years
I wonder why this isn't widespread knowledge with how often the topic of these machines come up. I thank you two for being informative.

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