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I never understood what waking up in a cold sweat meant
AeroFlash15506/14 1:51am
Is being bald a choice?
AeroFlash15606/13 1:19am
Is it gay to order dessert on a date?
AeroFlash152806/07 7:37am
Why is everyone talking about Plankton's wife?
AeroFlash15105/26 6:55pm
Damn Chipotle is good!
AeroFlash15305/22 10:10pm
"Ok boomer"
AeroFlash152411/11 4:58pm
Bastard doesn't sound like much of a curse word to me
AeroFlash15510/10 5:56am
Y'all nasty
AeroFlash15509/17 2:17am
Do insects count as animals?
AeroFlash151006/23 7:00pm
I can finally stop avoiding Endgame [spoilers]! Thoughts on...
AeroFlash15405/21 11:03am
Without spoiling, what are your honest thoughts on Endgame?
AeroFlash151004/27 6:56am
It's snowing in Chicago right now
AeroFlash15904/15 12:30am
I had a dream where dogs were biting my package
AeroFlash15803/24 1:22pm
Wtf are they making cereal out of anything nowadays?
AeroFlash15102/19 1:21pm
Obligatory Christmas morning
AeroFlash15112/25 11:18am
Just saw Spiderman into the Spiderverse
AeroFlash152012/23 7:42pm
This character battle is some kind of dick
AeroFlash15310/22 1:13am
So what was so bad about Venom?
AeroFlash15610/12 12:37am
Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce
AeroFlash15209/30 12:34am
Gamefacks or GameF-A-Qews?
AeroFlash151909/16 1:43pm
Least favorite/most hated color?
AeroFlash152909/02 10:22pm
New Crunchyroll original, "High Guardian Spice" Coming in 2019
AeroFlash15608/23 8:46am
Is physical violence on objects a form of domestic abuse?
AeroFlash151307/15 2:55pm
How I'm feeling about Summer rn
AeroFlash15607/06 9:34pm
Finally fucking saw Infinity War... goddamn
AeroFlash151805/13 4:51am
Hannah Montana
AeroFlash151305/04 12:54pm
Just watched Logan for the second time. How do you rate it?
AeroFlash152504/11 3:37pm
Had a dream where I met my highschool crush for the first time in years
AeroFlash15104/06 11:32am
How do I post YouTube links by itself?
AeroFlash15504/03 3:24pm
Teacher allegedly performed oral sex on 13-year-old in school
AeroFlash154104/01 9:12pm
PSA: Your jokes don't count if it isn't April 1st
AeroFlash15203/31 7:06pm
Tell me...
AeroFlash15503/23 6:17pm
Ever had those times where you're that "one guy" in the group?
AeroFlash15202/03 1:57pm
Happy Holidays CEmen!
AeroFlash15112/25 3:29am
We should never give up on ourselves
AeroFlash151110/23 7:24pm
Pumpkin Spice or Szechuan sauce?
AeroFlash15410/12 2:54am
Twas the season of Pumpkin Spice...
AeroFlash15110/08 8:35pm
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