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This Bully Maguire meme is absolute comedy GOLD!

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It's weird looking at the Medal Table and seeing "G - S - B" instead of "G - S - C". Too much Pokmon, lol.

Mr Lasastryke posted...
i didn't know anyone unironically liked curling

My mother and I really laughed when we saw Curling for the first time, because it showed a replay of a player slowly moving the thingy towards the board (or whatever it's called) and then immediately drinking Gatorade. Such an extreme sport, lol.

Safer_777 posted...
[...] the winner of the Long Jump [...]

Speaking of which, it almost physically hurt me seeing the Swedish guy missing what could have been at least a Silver medal by doing such an extraordinary final jump but not counting by a mere centimeter. I don't know how far he jumped, but it looked even farther than the Greek.

htaeD posted...
Was very nice of those 2 dudes to share their gold medal

Oh... In which sport? I gotta see that.

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