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swirIdude posted...
Removing the poll would kill 100% of the votals because there would be no poll.

Also, the poll percentage is skewed high because you'd have to see the poll to vote in it anyway.

I meant "43%" as in "having a future poll after a period of no polls".

But I don't see it skewed since, well, they're "only here for the poll". You can be doing more things on the site than just voting on the poll.

LusterSoldier posted...
Yeah, if you look at the past history of that poll, you'll see that "I'm just here for the Poll" has gained percentage in every future re-run after the first appearance of that poll. And since most voters in the polls are long-time users, that's going to skew the results towards the poll option. Very few votes are coming from people visiting the site for the first time, as most of them are coming through a Google search result and bypassing the homepage completely.

That's my point. Long-time users are the ones that actively vote in the polls, therefore removing them would mean losing a ton of votes on future polls when featured (as in, maybe having them only at contests or something).

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