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Leonhart4 posted...
Also I can't believe this still needs to be said but characters =/= games

DK was just a beast in 2018, and Crash was surprisingly really good that year. Their games will still be mediocre in a contest.

Characters games, yeah, but a good game seems to pretty much boost a character by default. We've seen it with Smash characters, Crash, Spyro, DK, Zelda, etc. Sure, Crash: N Sane Trilogy and DKC: Tropical Freeze may not be worth much, but I definitely see them as direct boosters for Crash and DK respectively.

As far as game deboost = character deboost... I can't think of an actual example. Perhaps Shepard? Even though ME2 specifically remains quite strong...


As far as Vivi beasting in 2018, I'm pretty sure it has to do with a FFIX resurgence. I forgot completely that FFX nearly doubled FFIX 10 years ago, and then OoT had a similar result against it 5 years later.


A FFX/FFIX rematch is gonna be pretty interesting.

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