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I was one of the top Mario Kart DS Racers on Gamefaqs back in the day, winning online tournaments and was one of the few to beat Azen (the top MKDS racer back then) in a set.

I was the one of the top Metroid Prime: Hunters players back in the day and was considered to be the #1 Sylux player back in 06-07

I created a large gaming clan that was very successful both in Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime: Hunters, and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii

Was #1 on the leaderboards in Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii

I entered many Smash Bros tournaments in Smash 4 and was considered to be one of the top ROBs in the area. I was consistently getting top 5 in local tournaments and got 2nd place at a tournament of almost 100 people.

I still play Smash online but don't have much time for tournaments anymore. My competitive gaming days are over but I had a good run.


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