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Full Throttle
01/13/21 7:22:13 PM

Is Tahlia Hot?

24 y/o Tahlia Paris from Los Angeles joined the app Bumble after breaking up with her ex bf who now claims Moderators REMOVED her photos because she was too TOO BEAUTIFUL for the app!!

She has over 890,000 followers on instagram and runs a popular porn account who believes she's been basically banned from posting photos cause she was too "too hot"

She said photos of her in a bikini on a beach and her playing Pac Man in a bikini and one in a red carpet snap were removed as the company said in a statement that shirtless bathroom mirror selfies or photos of people wearing underwear are not allowed

She said it's happened 3 hours after joining as someone must have reported it as she tries to keep all her pics very PG and not "model esque" because she wanted guys to not look at her as a professional model but as a regular girl since most guys solely try to hook up with her because of her social media fame

The pandemic made it hard to meet men as she said "In LA, everything is completely shut down due to COVID, so i thought i would have better odds finding someone to spend time with on an app rather than hoping to meet someone at the grocery store. At first, i was upset when they closed my account because why should i have to suffer because other have made fake accounts of me? But at the time i was a little relieved because online dating for the first time was a little bit nerve wrecking".

Some people have even STOLEN her photos and pretended to be her on dating apps leading to DEATH THREATS for fooling them..but now she isn't sure if the dating app world is for her and she should wait until it's safe to date in person again

Is Tahlia Hot?















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01/13/21 7:52:25 PM

Fake boobs no thanks

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01/13/21 8:01:32 PM

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01/13/21 8:28:55 PM

Not hot.

For what it's worth I was the one that made up the scenario that she posted on Facebook about him beating her lmao. Cacciato 11/12/2020
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01/13/21 8:31:54 PM

fake everything, no thanks.

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01/13/21 8:37:44 PM

She looks like a younger trashier Victoria Beckham. Fake boobs and all. But Posh was hotter than her when she was young though.

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01/13/21 9:05:37 PM

They probably assumed it was somebody just using her photos, etc, which isn't unreasonable.

Full Throttle posted...
Is Tahlia Hot?

The only photo she looks kinda cute in is the phone booth one. Most of the rest look weird. Something about her looks really off.

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01/13/21 11:55:59 PM

She's had way too much work done on her for a 24 YO. I bet she was good-looking before though.

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01/14/21 1:50:08 AM

Full Throttle posted...
Yeah that's not the reason. Also she's alright but I've seen better.

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01/14/21 1:54:42 AM

Would smash but not date.
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01/14/21 2:36:51 AM

She's pretty. But who the fudge buys those Arcade1Up things w/out the riser? She looks like a goon trying to play it like that.
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01/14/21 9:06:47 AM

How about some undoctored pics?

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01/14/21 11:02:57 AM

You dont kneel on a hard floor while playing Pac-Man. It freaking hurts.

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