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12/30/19 3:29:03 PM

In this topic I will be listing out my personal favorite 100 anime I've seen that aired from 2010 up until before the start of 2020. I've seen a ton of shows and narrowing down it to these 100 was difficult. A lot of shows I consider to be very good had to be cut. If you are wondering here are some guidelines I had when making the list

  1. Series only (full length ONAs etc are fine.)
  2. Shows that started prior to 2010 but aired EITHER half their run in 2011 or at least 2 seasons during 2011 are eligible.
  3. Sequels are usually packaged in unless there is a drastic difference in quality or feel. In these cases shows could be listed separately or I'll make a note of it in the blurb writeup. For the sake of the list typically my feeling for the good season is what takes precedent.

Some of these rankings are just "how I feel i remember liking the show". Because 10 years is a long time and 100 shows is a lot (and it's even more so when you consider during some years I approached 100 shows for that year) I probably won't have a lot to say about some titles. TBH, most shows probably won't get the lengthy writeups I've given in my past lists. That's honestly too much work.

I'll try to do around 5 to 10 shows a day and slow down as we get further up.
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Mac Arrowny
12/30/19 3:36:21 PM

*eagerly anticipates seeing [email protected] at #1*
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12/30/19 3:40:16 PM


I don't think our tastes overlap much but who knows.
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Sometimes i'll have a quote if i can remember it... but i probably wont....

100. Chaika the Coffin Princess

-Chaika could make a case for itself based on some of the action set pieces alone, but the 2 seasons feature some pretty good world building. It focuses on a small cast that, stick together for the most part, which allows for more centralized character stories to development without it feeling like the show is straying too far from the course. Chaika herself is extremely well acted. That said, there are some pretty significant gripes that put it at "only 100" like its habit of telegraphing some important story points or kind of plot conveniencing its way through some things. The anime feels like it might be something that would work better as a video game, but if you want to watch a good adventure style show maybe you should check this out.

99. Gabriel DropOut

"What are you a demon?"
-If you wanted to rank casts on how popular they've become overall from the decade the cast of Gabriel DropOut would be nearing the top of the list. Satania especially has been memeified to the nth degree. The anime utilizes the various oddities of the cast extremely well and Doga Kobo's art style really adds a lot to the title. It might not always have the most original comedy, even when it doesn't make you laugh it still gets you with the cute cast.

98. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

"I'm not a bad Slime"
-Slimesekai as some people call it is a very positive and light hearted take on the isekai genre. The main hero is a slime and is extremely powerful, even when he meets those who are actually stronger (at the time) they find a way to work things out most of the time. While you might think the show loses something due to there not really being any major risks due to how strong Rimuru is, they manage to present everything in such a pleasant way it doesn't even matter. Even though I do feel like it drags on a little near the end I am still excited for the upcoming second season.

97. Slow Start

-Over the second half of the decade a big increase of shows that focused on shy girls had emerged. One of the best in the genre is Slow Start. This is a title where I think it's very obvious from the first interaction the main cast has together that this is a quality title. Each girl is characterized very well and the anime goes, especially Hana who acts and thinks very closely to some people I know. There is a level of authenticity that I didn't really expect going into the show. Of course, it does go into some more cliche CGDCT type stuff, but you can tell they really wanted to focus on building up her confidence and getting her to fit in with the cast. In addition the animation is very good, like something that almost seems out of place for the genre.

96. Yona of the Dawn

-If I had to describe this title it would be kind of like an updated version of Inyuasha in a way. Not in the setup, but how the show feels somewhat. Yona of the Dawn is more focused on drama than the aforementioned. It follows a typical quest like adventure story, but Yona herself is great to watch as she grows. The anime unfortunately ends in the middle of the story so you are left with an extremely empty feeling, but that's kind of par for the course for a lot of adaptations.
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12/30/19 7:03:39 PM

I think it should be obvious but shows started pre 2010 need to have 2 seasons or half the run air in 2010 not 2011
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12/30/19 7:23:27 PM

Yona of the Dawn a very underappreciated show. The ending (or rather lack thereof) is unfortunate but everything else about the show was great. Yona was a really good character imo
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Mac Arrowny
12/30/19 10:36:30 PM

Looking forward to reading Yona someday. Great show.

KokoroAkechi posted...

-Over the second half of the decade a big increase of shows that focused on shy girls had emerged. One of the best in the genre is Slow Start.

Said shy girl is the worst part of the show! Her whole "held back for a year" gimmick is totally meaningless, too. There's a lot of shy girl main characters I like way more than this one (Hitoribocchi, most recently).

lesbian girl with hots for teacher was the best storyline

the girl who had lesbian grandmothers was neat too
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12/31/19 12:37:55 PM

95. The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke

-The Unlimited is a Zettai Karen Children spinoff where you basically need no real prior experience with the franchise. I think this is among the more underrated shows of the year. If you want a comparison its kind of like if you would follow Magneto around as he tries to find a way to bring psychics to the forefront of humanity while getting the same same protections. It might follow through some typical antihero story notes, but it's worth a watch.

94. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

... Maybe they'll have a new O... "YOU CAN FLLLYYYYY"
-HxH 2011 is an updated adaptation of the original 1999 series. Since then... I think some more stuff was made? I don't know, they don't call it Hiatus x Hiatus for nothing. This anime is here by the strength of some of its arcs like Yorknew and the Hunter exam which I enjoyed quite a bit. I don't think they really have "bad" arcs in this show but they do tend to drag on a bit too long. I also remember liking a lot of the fights in the show. I think this is a show that is better than individual parts because on a surface level the only character I really like is Killua which is why it lands in the mid 90s.

93. Natsumes Book of Friends S3 (S4 2012, S5 2016, S6 2017)

Note: Linked is the first season.
-Natsume's book of neverending friends as I call it is kind of a more feel good version of mushishi. I'm genuinely impressed it has managed to get 6 seasons for something that while I think is very good, is also something that I see as being pretty niche. Because this has gone on for so long I'll just talk about how I feel about the whole franchise right now in general. The anime has really good character interaction between Natsume and the various yokai he meets. Each of them have some sort of story to be discovered and the show in general does a good job at making you feel a small connection in a short amount of time for the oneoffs. The reoccurring characters have gained significant characterization over the course of the series and act as good reminders for Natsume in how far he's come since the start of the series. Madara (Nyanko-sensei) might be the best non humanoid character of all time.

92. Strike Witches S2

-Strike Witches doesn't really have a lot of story or anything, and in the second season they don't quite have the character beats as in the first one, the cast is still extremely likable which is what really carries the show to this spot on the list. It can't be overstated how good the cast is in this show, look at other shows with large cute girl casts like say... Ange Vierge, what a disaster that show is. The fan service itself is more just kind of there, a lot of it is used more for comedy than anything. Apparently this franchise is still fairly popular in Japan, although it has not reached the same level of overall quality since this season.

91. Watamote

-If Watamote does one thing extremely well it's making a character who is... by all means a terrible person (she cheats at Karuta against a bunch of kids) very endearing overall. This anime has some of my favorite scenes from the entire decade which are amplified through very good episode long comedic setups. The "massager" gag is great. But my favorite scene has to be the Death Note parody, I remember my anime club watched this and the entire room burst out laughing when it happened.
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12/31/19 12:38:35 PM

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12/31/19 12:49:36 PM

I'm following the Yona manga, it's consistently fantastic. Never watched the anime though, at least it sounds decent if incomplete.

Just killing time until the world ends.
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01/01/20 1:42:54 PM

90. High School DxD

"I believe in the power of boobs."
-It's not secret that the heavy fan service and harem genres of anime are often looked down upon, or I should say, people go into certain shows wanting something that it might never give in the first place. I think in terms of overall acceptability within the larger anime community HS DxD is a landmark show in the regard. Make no mistake, in general I do think that a lot of shows in these genres are bad, but more so because they feel like they can make the fan service the top priority and DxD makes having good characters you enjoy watching the top priority. The anime basically has a pick your waifu level cast and when you mix in a certain level of cheeky self-awareness you have one of the funnest franchises of the decade.

89. Kimetsu no Yaiba

"Run Nezuko!" (A combination of two of the greatest memes of the era).

-Demon Slayer is a case where the characters themselves are really not that interesting overall and it's more how entertaining they are to watch. Take Inosuke, he's pretty one trick but every time you see him you know you're going to have a good time. But I do think a lot of the overall longevity of the appeal of the series, once years have past since the last season, will be due to Nezuko. I do think that this is a series that makes the list because of a combination of just how good it looks mixed with just how awesome a lot of the fights are too. In general the show paces itself a lot better than a lot of older shounens (HxH, Naruto, Bleach, etc) which greatly reduces the level of fatigue you have when you go through a few episodes.

88. Actually I'm...

-I am pretty bummed this will never get a second season due to that the manga is finished so there is really no need for it financially. This anime does a great job at mixing some good humor and a set of undeniably adorable moments involving Yoko. But in reality the entire cast is great and each of their personalities and oddities add a lot to the show. The only thing that really keeps it from being higher is I didn't really enjoy the ending arc quite as much, but this is still not bad. If you want a comparison this a more cute version of To-love-ru in premise, and I guess kind of like Love Tyrant in how things feel. But it doesn't really have a direct side by side.

87. Acchi Kocchi

-Acchi Kocchi is in a weird spot among slice of life shows, in reality it plays things extremely safe and gains the spot on the list through how consistent the show is overall. If you ask me to tell you anything about any of the characters despite "they are cute" I can't really help you. But if you want to ask me about my experience watching this show, I have nothing but positive things to say about it. The anime is a typical gag slice of life anime that is a kind of more calm cute version of Nichijou, although I will say the spot on the list is more for it really nailing the moe aspect and less so how good the comedy is.

86. Yuru Yuri

-I don't think it's unknown that a lot of these CGDCT shows have a certain level of yuri hinting in them, why not make it just incredibly obvious that that aspect will be one of central aspects in how the show is constructed. While not as overt as Sakura Trick (spoilers, that show is not on the list) I think even without knowing the title it's obvious the angle they are going for. But, it also doesn't really feel like it's really pandering to anyone either. The relationships that each of the girls have seem very natural (as far as it can be in one of these shows). The anime has a lot of running gags and I really enjoy a lot of them, especially the whole thing about Akari being the main character but also the most forgettable. The first two seasons are done by then relatively unknown studio Doga Kobo (a studio which is a lot older than I thought) and this anime really catapulted the direction they would go, and I think they are most associated with the modern moe genre more than anything. The third season (and OVAs) was done by TYO, a studio where I actually had to look up what else they did. It's still just as good as the first two seasons, but does suffer a visual downgrade and a change in the feel of the show. While the first two seasons are very strong in overall comedy, the third season is very strong in just how endearing it makes the cast. Yuru Yuri is 100% worth adding to your CGDCT watchlist.
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01/02/20 8:58:26 PM

85. Kokkoku

Kokkoku is more or less a psychological mystery series that is made by its cast. The premise and story itself is decent and offers some good thinking points, but doesn't really satisfy some of the more outrageous leaps they pull towards the end of the show. However, this anime has a great cast of characters, less for making them all enjoyable people, but for each of them bringing something very unique to the show. Their personalities are prevalent in ways where you can somewhat predict they might do something before they do it feels deeper than simply playing to a character type.

84. Usagi Drop

There is a small subgenre of shows I call "parent and child" anime where an older character (usually 30 somethings) takes care of a younger one. In almost all cases the show is very cute and usually has some comedy too. Usagi Drop, at least as far as like the anime and... a good portion of the manga, represents the heights these shows can go. It doesn't do anything big or exciting, nor is it loud or boisterous, it doesn't have to be. The simple growth of Daikichi as a character and watching Rin is enough here.

83. My Hero Academia

-The landscape of shounen anime has changed a lot in this decade and at the forefront of it is MHA. While, I do think the show plays it relatively safe in how it handles things and overall could be made to be more interesting, the presentation and execution is top notch. The cast is very large, but when it wants to focus on individual characters even a little they manage to expand how much you know or appreciate the character by quite a bit. After the first season I really liked Froppy a lot, and I still do, but future seasons gave more development to both Momo and Ochako and it's exceedingly difficult for me to pick a favorite girl. Bakugo is possibly a top 10 male character of the decade in terms of how is portrayed and developed throughout the current run. Of course the show has some great overall art quality, fight scenes, and a very good soundtrack. Basically a complete package.

82. CardCaptor Sakura Clear Card

-CCSCC is a sequel to the original show, and while the OVA and such kind of primes you for this season, I'd say it might be somewhat difficult to just jump in. First off, the show looks incredible, it looks like they redid an old title with new technology. AFAIK the original cast is also voicing the show, which is quite something considering how much time as past. In terms of production this show really nails it. I think what really sells me on this anime though is just how imaginative it is. Every time Sakura gets a new card and you see how it works in action is just a real treat. Once you mix that with some nostalgia and already fun characters you have a real fun watch.

81. A Certain Scientific Railgun

-Railgun is a spinoff of Index and imo is the easiest to enjoy out the franchise. Mikoto Misaka's ability allows for better overall action scenes and the more lighthearted cast compared to Index and the later Accelerator spinoff also lets the show have better slice of life style moments as well. If you're wondering if you need to watch Index, it kind of helps but the franchise goes out if its way to make sure that characters that are central to the science side (Railgun) and the magic side (index) rarely interact. The only real exception is Accelerator. This works out fine for Railgun, but you can tell, especially in Index 3 that its not really working out. Railgun itself though is very fun to watch, it has a rocking soundrack and Mikoto is great. There is a ton of good comedy too. Hell, I even like Kuruko.

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Team Rocket Elite
01/02/20 9:12:29 PM

Kuruko is great when she's being serious. I just wish she did that more often. >_>
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01/02/20 9:19:50 PM

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01/03/20 8:11:40 PM

80. NouCome

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were in a type of choose your own adventure dating sim? Maybe it'll be like NouCome. The basis of the show is that our protagonist, Kanade, will abruptly be forced to make some a decision from a multiple choice selection of basically all bad options. Of course, for the viewer they are hilarious options. The main cast is also basically a collection of social oddballs who make up some sort of "elite" group or something which is an additional funny aspect of the anime. The artwork makes things really pop and add a bit of cute to all the comedy the show has to offer. If you want to watch a BAD show with a similar premise check out If her flag breaks (or don't because you know... it's bad).

79. How to Keep a Mummy

This is a show about a group of friends who basically come into possession of mythical pets such as an oni, dragon, and of course a mummy. Except instead of being intimidating or scary as they are often portrayed they are cute little critters. It's very heartwarming to watch how each of the human caretakers learn about their little critter and how they help each other. It's extremely cute watching the little guys interact too. It has some comedy in it but it's not quite as strong as just the overall "pleasant" factor.

78. Charlotte

I think that this show has become fairly polarized over time. I still see it as a very good show, but I do admit it probably could use maybe 3 more episodes to strengthen the ending. That said, the show has a mix of drama, comedy, and character that you come to expect from the author. Nao Tomori is one of my favorite female characters of the decade, she feels a lot more human than most other characters across anime. That said, the other ones in the anime don't quite get the same focus as "always suffering" Nao does. While they don't always land execution 100%, each scenario they introduce has a level of stakes that seem appropriate for when they happen. I often see an argument that they could have just skipped the first few episodes and I feel those "filler" episodes were very important for introducing each character and what they are all about. The anime also sports one of the best OPs of the entire decade (Bravely You).

77. Non Non Biyori

-NNB takes a cast of mostly girls (the guy doesn't actually talk iirc) that are various ages due to living in the country. The anime is a very good mix of relaxing slice of life moments and comedy. However, the MVP is Renge. I remember my anime club watched the first episode and they were like "who is playing that awful recorder" and when they it was Renge it was pretty great.

76. Parasyte - the maxim

I really liked the interaction between Migi and Shinichi and imo that really carries a lot of the show. I think it does everything else pretty good, if it's great it's not always consistent, but I don't think it's ever bad. They do manage to have a sense of "dread" that is hard to capture in anime. There is an interesting take on loss and sacrifice in the anime too. I think the other parts of the anime, like side characters and such are not really that good though which is why it lands at a relatively low spot among great shows.
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Team Rocket Elite
01/03/20 8:28:56 PM

NouCome was good but I wish the choices were more balanced. IIRC many options were unpickably bad which made picking a choice that was just "bad" an easy decision.

I don't think Charlotte was ever that well liked even when it first came out. It definitely lost a lot of people by the time the ending rolled around. Nao is really great, though.
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Mac Arrowny
01/03/20 8:35:17 PM

The gimmick was highly underused in Noucom, as is often the case with LNs, I feel like.

Charlotte had a lot of hate before it was even finished.

25 spots in, no Sasami-san yet. Lookin' good.
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01/04/20 11:13:46 PM

bumping this
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01/06/20 12:29:08 AM

75. Is the Order a Rabbit? S2

S2 of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? is an interesting case because I don't really like the first season that much. IMO, it struggled to really find its identity as it tried to be both a very cute and a sort of slow relaxing show but could not master either of them. The second season is a big improvement in just about every aspect, it also has maybe the cutest ED of the decade.

74. Girls und Panzer

Ahh, two things that go together perfectly, cute moe girls and tanks. Girls und Panzer was a surprise hit with a pretty lackluster first episode, only to be followed by every other episode being great. I have hard that this is a show that actually got an increase in funding, if it did, it shows. The cast is very likable, albeit a bit shallow for the most part, not quite as strong as Strike Witches cast, but the Panzerfen battles are extremely compelling and fun to watch how Miho pieces together how to win.

73. Hyouka

"I'm curious!"
-Hyouka is somewhat known as a "forgotten" Kyoani work, I say that but that archery show also exists (spoilers thats not on the list... but it is a decent show). As a "mystery" show it does it job pretty well, or at least the characters go about solving things pretty well. Since it's less mystery and more like puzzle I guess. This show has very good cast interaction with Oreki, Chitanda, and the rest of the cast. When this anime came out it was one of the best looking tv series too. I don't think this is really going to satisfy someone who wants a real mystery show (albeit I do think most shows with a strong mystery focus are bad) but if you want an interesting take on a school anime, this is as good as it gets.

72. Baka and Test

I want to point out that "Baka and Test" is the official translated name. At least, I'm pretty sure it is because all material I can find uses this. I don't know why this is, but if I were to guess it would be because the literal translation "idiot and test" is plagued with a bunch of junk entries when you search for it, also, I'm pretty sure if you watch this show you already know what "baka" means anyway. This anime is hilarious, so much so that I almost forget there is a decent battle part of the show too. But forget that, the strength is the comedy and how great some of the dialogue is. This is also the home anime to Hideyoshi, probably the most well known trap in anime. I also want to mention that this is a show with a rather strong dub.

71. Bloom into You

Bloom into You is one of the best pure romances that have come out in recent memory. It has extremely good characterization with Yuu and Touko, and the rest of the cast adds their own aspects to the anime as well. You know exactly what each character is thinking based on action and expression. What holds the anime back is that it lacks that big emotional punch that some other romances (like say Toradora) have and that the ending is kind of lame. Still, the anime is consistently very good.

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Mac Arrowny
01/06/20 11:27:12 AM

KokoroAkechi posted...
the ending is kind of lame

The manga finished recently if you want to read it. It's good.
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01/06/20 12:21:49 PM

I want a season 2 of Bloom Into You so badly. The anime is a top 10-15 anime for me despite not even getting to most of the best scenes from the manga. But yeah the manga is also good.

Also glad to see Baka and Test. Actually one of the first 20 or so anime I watched and I've always been a fan of it.
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01/06/20 12:39:23 PM

Hyouka is so great

Slice of life mystery yes please

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01/07/20 6:21:23 AM

70. Space Dandy

"A space dandy is a dandy in space."
-A pretty much purely episodic romp, Space Dandy doesn't quite have the consistency as some other titles but it does have some decent highs. Each episode is (for the most part) a well put together story with laughs and some emotional hits. In a way it feels like a set of several one shots with the same main cast and that keeps things very fresh throughout.

69. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

"... but it was me, Dio."
-If you've looked at some of my posts you probably know I have not been a big fan of JoJo since after the first season (which covers the first two books). I'm probably not even going to finish watching Golden Wind, so this is on the list purely for that first set of episodes. The first part is honestly, mildly dull, but still enjoyable. Book two however is incredible. Kars is a very formidable villain and Joseph JoStar is probably the best one in the franchise. The fight between them is one of the best battles I can think of in all of anime. If this was just based on the second part alone this would probably be in the top 50, but still not bad.

68. Konosuba

-It's rare that an entire cast of characters becomes popular among anime fans. Even with popular shows like DanMachi or SAO, usually only a couple of characters of the entire cast are popular. My god even Yunyun and Wiz, characters who see very limited screen time are fairly popular among Konosuba fans. This is a show where I really like the cast, more so than the comedy in the show. Don't get me wrong, it's very funny, but I don't always find the humor as well set up or compelling as some other shows that might appear on this list. If you want to know my favorite character is Aqua.

67. Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers is a strange, hard to describe show. It's almost a surreal experience. The show is bursting with imagination. It uses rather traditional situations but paints them with a creative flair that is both impression and refreshing. I do at times feel like the show was needlessly hard to follow at times but not to the point where I found it not enjoyable.

66. Little Witch Academia

LWA has that distinct afternoon cartoon feel that invokes a sense of nostalgia. While the TV series doesn't have the same level of overall wow factor as the original OVAs, it does manage to build a world around three lovable dorks. The anime is a lot of pure hearted simpleness on the part of Akko which makes her either extremely endearing or very annoying. Certain aspects of the story feel like they just kind of did because they had to check some boxes, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I have heard that there were originally plans on making this like a huge expanding franchise or something. But I'm pretty sure that idea got scrapped.

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01/07/20 11:16:04 PM

65. Shinryaku! Ika Musume

"You gotta be squidding me."
-Squid girl is a show that is headlined by one of the greatest carries in anime history, Squid girl. Most of the show revolves around her failed attempts at invading the earth because she drastically underestimates what it would take to actually conquer the planet. They have a bunch of decent side characters too like Sanae who probably makes the most hilarious scenes due to her interaction with Squid girl. I actually remember before this aired no one expected it to be good, and it turned out to be, arguably, the best show of the season.

64. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

"Hey bud, want to get some ramen?"
-Saiki K. is a character comedy with one of the most eccentric casts in the genre. Told through the eyes of the title character, a psychic who is... to put it lightly, doesn't want to deal with any shenanigans. The show features both rapid fire short skits and a few longer comedic sections. Like I said, the cast is a blast to watch. None of them are especially deep, but their gimmick is used to maximum effect. There is a girl who literally glows and someone who is so stupid that Saiki can't detect him using his psychic powers. It's great.

63. The Promised Neverland

-This anime was a highly anticipated title and it didn't disappoint. A fantastic blend of mystery and horror this anime sets a very strong tone and builds on it throughout the show. I really enjoyed the mind games and how they managed to keep a sense of danger in the anime, something a lot of shows fail to do. The three mains are great to watch as their different strengths contribute to the plan. Isabella is one of the best villains of the decade. Season 2 is later this year.

62. 91 Days

Set during prohibition, 91 days is probably the closest thing anime has to a true american style mafia story.It is spearheaded by two extremely strong leads in Angelo and Nero. The actual story is just a typical revenge tale, but the progression as we learn about the characters makes it interesting. If you enjoy movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and especially The Untouchables (which takes place in the same place and time period), you should give this a go.

61. Violet Evergarden

To date, Violet Evergarden is probably the best produced show in terms of technical aspects in anime history. The show is just spectacular to look at, it shows exactly what Kyoani was capable of with their collection of talent. As for as the story goes, it's serviceable if somewhat predictable. The anime relies heavily on building to heavy hitting moments to get you emotionally invested... it works sometimes. I'd say this is a great show that is held back slightly by its own overambition.

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01/09/20 4:21:46 PM

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01/09/20 6:21:39 PM

60. Psycho-Pass

If you pressed me to name my favorite female character in the past decade, Akane Tsunemori would probably be my first response. I really enjoyed her overall character arc and how the show gives these small nudges throughout that she's probably a step above everyone else mentally even early in the series. Kougami acts as a great mentor and eventually a different take on to handle SIBYL. The action scenes, music, and animation are all top notch. The only thing that really holds it back is the side characters are often not very engaging for the most part (although some of them like Ginoza is pretty good), and the main villain, Makishima, kind of seems a little too comic book villain if that makes any sense. The anime has 3 seasons, but the first one is the best one. Seasons 2 and 3 are not bad, but have way more obvious flaws in them.

59. AoButa

To say that Bunny Girl Senpai was a surprise hit is an understatement. I think it's now the posterchild of shows no one expected to be good at all and it ends up being one of the best shows of the year it aired. Mai and Sakuta make a great combo, their dialogue is very good. I think in tone of how they approach each other they are quite similar (and everyone points this out) to Araragi and Senjougahara from the Monogatari franchise. I do think that's where the similarities stop though. I enjoyed each arc the show went through and how it handled relevant modern issues with that supernatural twist to make it even more interesting. In a way I feel like this is more of like an evolution of what Charlotte was trying to do early on. AoButa is an incredible show that is worth adding to your list.

58. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

"I believe in panties."
-Imo, this anime is an incredible blend of comedy, romance, and drama that is headlined by a cast that is both very anime but incredibly relateable in their endeavors. While having a cast of misfits is not a new thing, it's how they work and play off of each other that makes it engaging. This is an anime that really benefits from being 24 episodes as it lets characters grow a lot more naturally over the course of the entire season. I think something this anime does especially well is shows how different characters are affected by the circumstances, failures, and successes of the rest of the cast.

57. Steins;Gate 0

I think this is the only franchise that has two entries on the list that has been split because of the quality and tonal difference (I don't think it's a spoiler to reveal that Steins;Gate is on the list). This is a hard show to judge objectively because it's always going to be in the shadow of the original. What probably "drags it down" the most is that Okabe is pretty insufferable for a lot of the anime, although from a critical and emotional standpoint it's easy to see why he is like he is. There are also some problems with like the anime supposedly taking place within a pretty brief period of time so some things seem a little "extended". But in terms of how they set the tone, deliver the twists, and show a path from despair to hope I still think this can be considered a landmark anime in storytelling and character realization.

56. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Herz!

Fate/Loli has a ton of seasons but this one is specifically for S3 (which is adapting the second part 2wei), so the naming is kind of confusing. I find the general quality of each of the seasons to vary pretty drastically and I really enjoyed this part. It has the best comedy of all of the seasons. It turns Kuro, a character who I honestly really didn't like that much in her debut season, into someone who is fun to watch. Because the show really only focuses on a few characters it allows for much stronger character development versus mainline fate series, although the greater narrative is probably weaker. This season balances the slice of life moments with the story/action sequences very well though and handles side characters great too.
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Mac Arrowny
01/10/20 7:05:54 PM

Sakurasou was mostly pretty great, but it had some lame drama near the end as I recall.

Also SG0 takes place over like 6 months so I dunno if it feels "extended"

2wei Herz was the worst Kaleid Liner season.
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01/10/20 8:05:08 PM

KokoroAkechi posted...
Okabe is pretty insufferable for a lot of the anime

Never watched SG0, but how is this any different from the first season?
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01/10/20 8:06:15 PM

Xeybozn posted...
Never watched SG0, but how is this any different from the first season?

He's basically Okabe from the first season in reverse.

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01/10/20 8:34:55 PM

55. As Miss Beezlebub Likes it.

This wins the award for the fluffiest show of the decade. Miss Beezlebub is a cute comedy with a very lighthearted small romance angle to it. The anime has a surprisingly diverse and entertaining cast, each of them with a rather cute quirk which act as obstacles for the romance aspects of the anime. This show won't really satisfy anyone wanting a deeper romance, but for those who enjoyed the small nudges something like Yuru Yuri had, this anime makes a more concrete effort in developing relationships while still maintaining good comedy throughout.

54. Astra Lost in Space

Part mystery and part scifi adventure, Astra is not only a very fun time to watch but also features a very engaging cast where each member gets a decent amount of development for the short run time of the anime. While some aspects of the anime is a bit rushed or abruptly closed up because of run time, the anime manages to tell a good story with enough twists to keep you guessing.

53. Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is an anime that not only manages to use utilize each characters unique personality to maximize comedic effect but also use it to develop their relationships and personalities throughout. It manages to do this seamlessly where it can at one moment have you laughing but turn around into a tearful smile right after. One of the big strengths is because each character goes through vastly different personalities and struggles that it allows the show to play at several comedy types.

52. Endro~

Endro is shockingly good for what it is. It's really nothing more than a fantasy show with moe girls in it. But they are just so cute and fun to watch as they travel along on their adventures. They have extremely out there episodes, like one revolving around an eating contest. There is just a very high level of fun in the show. There is also the loli demon lord mao, where even though she's the "bad guy" really seems more like a defacto guardian or something.

51. Welcome to Demon School

I like this anime a lot more than I thought I would. Welcome to Demon School is a comedy that hearkens back to like a decade earlier with stuff like Combat Butler Hayate and Rosario + Vampire. The cast is incredible, extremely charismatic and equally over the top. Not only their personalities, but their designs, mannerisms, everything is very well done. The show manages to take some typical "demon world cliches" like not knowing what "friends" are and such and turning it into both comedy and thoughtful character interaction at the same time. This is an anime I think is under the radar that deserves more praise.
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01/10/20 9:32:23 PM

I enjoyed psycho pass season 1 but season 2 made me ill with how grotesque some of it was

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01/11/20 9:42:00 PM

50. Mob Psycho 100 S2

While I liked S1, I did find problems in its overall narrative and how jumpy a lot of the development was with the characters. I also didn't quite find the arcs as engaging as I think they should have been. S2 basically solves all of these issues. There is a great balance in "fun fights" and "actual fights". There is a level of change and development in Mob that I think makes him a distinctly different personality than he was early on. The stories themselves are more interesting, and the end boss is more personal with more at stake. Unlike the previous season which gets by on the "feel" of the show, this season really makes every moment seem important.

49. Humanity has Declined

Humanity has Declined is a strange anime that I'd describe as a cynical dark comedy masquerading as a cute show. The situations and circumstances are out there, but a similar situation is feasible. The humor is pretty spot on a lot of the time, although it does rely a little on being weird more than funny sometimes. The setting itself could be considered darkest timeline futurama. The show is also among the most memable of the decade with one of the greatest scenes in "the bread guide".

48. Kiss Him, Not Me

While not very original in its content or overall set up, Kiss Him, Not Me wins in execution and the presentation of the comedy. My god, this show is hilarious and a lot of it is because of how engaging with the story and cast the main girl is. It's a very common issue in reverse harems where the main girl is a complete no one with no personality, you think it's bad in normal harems with the dude? My god. I don't know if you know any real life Fujoshis, but the more dedicated ones are among the most annoying subsets of a fan base I can think of. This anime makes a character that should be, by all means, distinctly unlikable from real life experiences to someone you want to see succeed somehow... although most of the time it is her own otaku nature that gets in her way.

47. Shimoneta

Do you hate censorship? Shimoneta tells a story about a world where things are so censored that the meme of "hand holding being lewd" is a reality. Or it would be if people had a concept of what "lewd" actually was. While the show is funny, a lot of it is won because of the situation and the characters. Like Anna, probably the thirstiest girl of the year, just the situation shes in due to who her character is makes it fun to watch. Or Otome, who has to draw lewds with her mouth because the government has a way to detect drawings you do with your hands. It's dumb things like that which give the show that added layer of comedy on top of the everything else. Even the side characters like that big dude and the always tired science girl who wants to know about "body melding" are great.

46. Golden Kamuy S2

Golden Kamuy is another show where I don't really like the first season (and it won't be the last one), the cast is not fleshed out enough and the early part of the season is pretty bad. Things just don't fit together as much as they should. But very early into the second season you start to see how, one of the best casts of the decade, start to interact with each other as enemies and temporary allies in shaky alliances. Another big improvement is the animation quality. Although some shaky moments do exist, none of it is as memeable as the CG bear from S1. I think one thing this anime does especially well is it builds a mystique around its characters that matches up to their in world reputations.

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01/13/20 12:53:06 AM

45. Is this a Zombie?

"That's not a kick!"
-You know this show is going to be good when in the very first episode the main dude is beating up a giant crab. With a superb mix of comedy, ecchi, moe, and action this shows outrageous comedy is only matched by how outrageous the cast is. The anime does just about everything imaginable, and does basically everything well. Characters get development, they have some of the best ongoing gags in decade, great physical humor, some of the best facial expressions in anime. This is a top tier comedy with added extras.

44. Food Wars

This is largely for the first season. I think because of how only "pretty good" the show and how bad the manga is right now that people forget how good the first season of the anime is. Essentially a battle shounen/sports combo but with cooking, the anime basically hits every thing you want it to. Great characters, good comedy, and added fan service.

43. New Game!

In the second half of the decade there has been more cgdct with a goal type anime. New Game is among Doga Kobos best produced shows, the art work and overall animation quality is great. They really maximize how cute and vibrant all the girls are. Both seasons have a great blend of comedy, especially more dialogue based, and more thoughtful moments. The anime also really good at showing how pressure and the overall hardwork of the girls start to pay off.

42. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Dragon Maid might not be the funniest comedy on the list, but it might be the one that understands and plays with the dynamics of the characters the best. Kyoto Animation was always very good at picking and adapting shows where they can display great character growth and this anime is no different. It's the mix of the comedic moments and ways you start to see the mishmash of characters start to form what you could call a family unit that really makes this anime stand out.

41. Durarara!! and x2 Ketsu

Ketsu is the third part of the second season of DRRR, an anime that people thought would never happen. The ranking reflects both the original and Ketsu. The original is one of the oldest shows on the list and I don't really think I need to go into too much about it. I really liked how they mingled together all the characters and built one of the most fascinating worlds in anime. Then the sequels happened and for the first two parts of it i really felt like they lost focus, like the writers didn't even know what was going on. A lot of it was just a big mess. When Ketsu dropped though everything just fell into place and it started to have more of the appeal of the original series again.

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01/13/20 11:22:14 PM

40. Yuushibu

What do you do when you are training to be a hero but the demon lord is defeated? You start to manage a small shop. What do you do when the demon lord's son comes for a job? What if it's his daughter instead? Yuushibu is an ecchi comedy that is grounded by a surprisingly relatable lead in Raul and one of the most likable ecchi female deuteragonists in Fino. While the premise and setting are not very new, the show does a great job at showing how the world they live in operates. The anime also manages to give both of them various new experiences and lessons and their characters and outlook on things start to change. Ironically, the weakest part of this anime is probably the fan service.

39. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Out of all of the "genderswap" sengokus and various takes on the most famous warlord in Japanese history, Oda Nobunaga... this is the best take on it. The anime is actually an isekai where the main guy, Sagara is teleported to the time period. But he's armed with knowledge from a videogame to help Oda Nobuna win her battles. Sagara (who I believe takes the role of Hideyoshi in the period) is a terrific male lead that is matched by variety the rest of the cast gives. Oda Nobuna herself is great. There is a nice balance in building up the character relationships, stories, and progressing the story.

38. Magi

Magi is an anime I didn't really like at first but the level of world building and character development mixed with the presentation of the show started to turn me. Magi features one of the best developed main casts in shounen. You explore various histories and motives for each of them. The characters work very well as a team, but the show is not afraid to split them up and let them have their own journey. The anime has strong mix of good action sequences, and a story that encompasses the varying state of the world they are building. Despite how much overall praise this anime has actually gotten I still think it's fairly underrated when you compare it to the hype shows like HxH and SDS get.

37. Konohana Kitan

While on the surface it's an unassuming cgdct show, Konohana Kitan is an anime full of thoughtful storytelling and building those stories around the various people and creatures that pass through this place between worlds. The anime manages to both have a overall "atmospheric tone" and also have each episode have its own flavor that fits the mood of the story. The series is just very well put together.

36. Asobi Asobase

As far as comedy goes Asobi Asobase might be the best physical humor show of the decade (well almost). It has some of the best facial expressions in anime as well. Just the set up and how events unfold due to how awful the girls are is pretty great. I like too how there is like this whole legend or whatever around the club because of everything that happens. The side characters are great too, like the teacher, hat gloomy girl in the occult club, and that fucking butler. This is much less cgdct and more like girls you probably don't want to be friends with doing slightly mean or awkward things.
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01/13/20 11:26:58 PM

Asobi Asobase very good. One of the only comedies that would make it anywhere close to the top of my list. I love how over-the-top the humor is and also yes the faces are amazing.
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01/13/20 11:28:49 PM

Asobi love yay

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01/14/20 6:12:09 PM

35. March Comes in Like a Lion S2

While I can understand the praise the first season gets, in a lot of cases I just found it too unfocused in what it wanted to accomplish and Rei is pretty fucking awful. I mean there is a ton of focus on the Shougi but they don't really make that fun to watch. And there is Kyouko, who might be the most interesting character, is just kind of dangled and nothing happens with her and you don't even really get to see her used to help Rei develop either (tbf, they dont do much with her in s2 either but s2 is so strong that it doesn't matter). After all of it too it's hard to really mark a change in character. But S2 is incredible. It takes some what you learned in the first season and really builds concrete storylines around them. TBH, if the season was only the bullying arc (which I think might be the best story arc of the decade) this might be a top 5 contender, but it does have other things that are not quite as interesting that take a lot of time like that guy who likes pigeons.

34. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Nyaruko-san is one of the best parodies to have come out in the decade. This show is jam packed with references to things in pop culture. It helps too that the cast is amazing, each of their personalities really blend well together with the comedy. Of course, since it's a parody the guy (Mahiro) is the tsundere. In a way, this anime is what something like a well done Neptunia anime could be in terms of the tone and scope. There are also shades of Futrama in a way. I really enjoyed the dumb set ups and "master plans and motives" the "villains" had in the show. They even build a decent romance angle in it eventually (although you do have to watch like both seasons AND the bonus episode ova).

33. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a fantastic mix of romance, character building, comedy, good story telling, and good atmospheric tone. Aside from a kind of meh episode 1 the show makes sure you get attached to the cast, especially Yuuko. The whole aspect of finding what happened to her as the main goal I think is fantastic and done extremely well in the context of the anime. Also, on the ending. I know a point of contention has been that they rather have the alternative for how the show ended, but I would say I don't think the alternative really fit the tone the show set and they also don't build up to the type of closure that ending would entail either. Anyway, fantastic anime.

32. Dororo

Dororo is one of the shows that looks and moves so fantastically with such a unique feel that you can't help but think you are really watching fine art in motion. Dororo is an extremely old title (dating back to the 60s) and was written by Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Kimba, Princess Knight, he's probably the most important mangaka of all time). Some of this shows, at least in terms of the story telling and such, as it feels distinctly different from the arc based anime we've become accustomed to. A lot of the show is small stories contained in an episode or two that sometimes nudge a greater narrative or character building experience along. So if you want like a journey in character discovery and a grand storyline you'll be disappointed, but if you are willing to take something that tells well made contained snippets of character sin and emotion, this is a fantastic watch.

31. Knights of Sidonia S2

In a similar way that Dororo had an amazing look and feel Knights of Sidonia stands at the top in a production category that is largely forgotten about, sound quality. The second season of KoS has maybe the best sound production in anime. There is only one other show at the top of my head that I can think of that comes close (and it hasn't been listed yet). Everything feels like it has weight and impact. It really adds to the overall experience of the show. The animation has largely been cleaned up from the first season too, the space battles not only sound great but they look amazing too. The anime also allowed for much more character building over S1 and injected better comedy. This season is great and is 100% worth the slog through season 1 to get to.

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01/14/20 6:17:20 PM

The praise for the bullying arc is something I will never understand about March Comes in Like a Lion. People mostly talk about it as a highlight but for me it almost got me to drop what was otherwise a top 25 show easily.
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Mac Arrowny
01/14/20 6:35:59 PM

I mean, all the drama in the show is pretty good, and that was the most drama-focused arc, so it's basically the best part by default. It's a shame the shogi is so terrible or it might've been a real great show.

As far as Sidonia goes, Tsumugi is super moe. I should finish the manga sometime...
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01/14/20 8:01:39 PM

March Comes In Like a Lion is in fact the best show, and currently running manga.

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01/15/20 5:47:36 PM

30. Sword Art Online: Alicization

I have heard that a lot of the praise that the source material of SAO gets actually comes from the Alicization arc. I can see why. In terms of pacing, character, timing, world building, and creating obstacles to overcome this is a huge step up from the previous installments. In fact, there is so much character development and world building that maybe the best part of the previous seasons suffer and those are the fights. The fights in Alicization are few and short to say the least. Even in the second season where the entire season is like a series of fights (in the second half) they are little more than short scrimmages or characters blasting ultimate attacks at each other. But I was very happy that character's goals and motives behind their actions were developed. Not only that but the world building and actual rules for the world were established enough where actions of characters can make sense. That's not to say there are some issues. The big one is that beyond the main villain in the first part (the administrator) the other ones are just kind of there, and the one in the second part, although the show has been alluding to him forever is somehow a lot less compelling.

29. Kiniro Mosaic

Kiniro Mosaic is maybe the first in the cotton candy cute style slice of life shows in the early mid 2010s. This is around the time moe shows were starting to be shelled out and this one stands near the top. Today this anime is probably most known for Karen because of the AYAYA meme, but despite that the anime is a great mix of cute and funny character moments. The first and last episodes are especially impressive. But beyond that the anime does a very good job at making each character feel distinct in a way that brings out their best qualities. Unlike the first season of Is the Order a Rabbit, Kiniro Mosaic doesn't need a lot of time to form its identity.

28. Princess Principal

I have never been to old London (or current London for that matter), but this is what I can imagine it looking like. Maybe the most impressive aspect of this anime is how they portray the setting. This is a very rare case in anime where I can believe I'm where the show takes place. At the base the story is a very common setup with a small twist. But, they work characters into this extremely well. Each member of the spy unit has their own little specialty that helps the squad. They have relatively detailed backgrounds and all contribute a good deal to the show. Each case they do (the anime is done out of order chronologically) is tackled and solved in different ways, and it makes watching them very fun. This anime is very close to being in a higher tier but it does suffer from some issues. One of which being that despite how much detail goes into the actual world and characters, it's not actually very memorable in terms of defining moments. They also don't really dive deep enough into some big character plot points they hint at, but I'm guessing that's for the movie coming up.

27. Rokka no Yuusha

I think, more than any other show, I came in expecting one thing and was very surprised and impressed that what I got was completely different. Rokka no Yuusha is a great take on a whodunit mystery. The show does a good job at using the setting and characters to form doubts and mislead viewers. The main cast, which is actually fairly large, all either ample character development or a certain reputation built around them that gives them impact on the world and perception of each character's take on the situation. It's arguable if the resolution (and how they got to it) was fine or not. Tbh, a big issue with mysteries is that closure on them is almost always kind of the main guy just figures it out beyond almost all logic. It's too bad this anime did so poorly in sales that it'll never gear a season 2.

26. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan's ranking is like for the bookends so far of S1 and the second part of S3. Season 1 was incredible in terms of building the world, characters, and the level of action and animation from WIT. It was a great balance. However, the second season and first part of S3 was kind of dull tbh. Still good, but they have a lot of focus on things they don't develop enough to feel like it's very important. One thing though that they did do was make Krista, a pretty low tier cast member, into one of the better characters in the anime. But the second part of S3 is incredible, they really used all the build up from the previous seasons to bombard you with revelations here. Not only that but the amount of character discovery in this short period of time was also very impressive. The battles in S3 Part 2 are also more engaging than the ones in the middle parts.
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01/16/20 9:32:31 PM

25. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes S2

Milky Holmes is a dumb franchise, the only season that is good is the second one with the others varying from very bad to okay. The comedy in the second season is just amazingly on point. It takes the incredibly simple quirks of each character and uses them so well. The premises for each episode is great. The first one they literally become farmers because they forget they are detectives and Cordellia (who sings all her lines basically) goes crazy because their flowers get destroyed. Or one where they go to jail and go on a search for "hope". Or an episode where they fight a giant monster of lard. The villains are great too. This is also the anime where the super genius of 3000000 IQ comes from, Kokoro Akechi.

24. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

On its surface Haganai is a run in the mill haremesque comedy where the cast is inhabited by a bunch of misfits without any friends, who ironically, form the neighbors club to make friends. The backstories of the characters are pretty overly tuned to push some of the character drama for the romance angle, but they also their circumstances as reasoning for why characters might act like they do. In terms of entertaining quality, the cast is fantastic. Even the annoying ones (like Maria) add levels of flavor to the show as the other members of the cast get to play off of them. There are fine lines of comradery and animosity between Sena and Yozora, which for the most part is handled quite well when their personalities clash. Then you have the best girl, Rika who has some not only the best comedic scenes but some of the best dramatic ones as well.

23. Aggrestuko (Netflix)

In terms of overall relatability and a level of almost too close to home storylines, Aggrestuko is the anime to beat. An incredible mix of a very cute Sanrio model style and real life adult life situations this is one of the most impressive displays of character building and storytelling I've seen in a show. While the anime does not really add a lot to the side characters, they add different insights for Retsuko as she goes through her ups and downs. When the anime does choose to focus on someone there is a surprising amount of information you can gain because it might match up very well to known experiences from the viewer. In a lot of cases this could be seen as somewhat lazy as it means viewers need to fill in blanks, but here there is just such a level of "knowing" the situation when you see it that it's great.

22. Land of the Lustrous

If you want to talk about the presentation, art, and animation style Land of the Lustrous is a top tier anime. It looks incredible. Some of the most impressive visual animation sequences of the decade. The other aspect that carries the show is Phosphophyllite, who might be the best realized character of the decade. I'd go as far to say that she is also the best acted character too (although she does have competition here). Her transformation and character journey is pretty much unmatched. The only thing that keeps this from breaking into the true upper tiers is that there is pretty much no closure with the anime ending.

21. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill is a completely unabashed show that uses a pretty ridiculous premise for the sake of massive fan service everywhere to drive a greater narrative. But they don't let that take away from the characters personalities or how they add to the story either. The main cast is well developed and have personalities that really make viewers feel attached to them. I really like Mako and Ryuuko. Mako is maybe the best best friend of the decade and Ryuuko has pretty much become the postergirl for badass females in anime since her introduction. The action is great too, the messy and chaotic nature of the animation add a ton to how the show moves visually. There is also a level of poking fun of a lot of common anime tropes and just running with them. Also, on the "Goku Uniforms" or Gokuseifuku I'm not sure if the name relation to a very popular anime character who clearly has some parallels with the battles power scope here was intentional because it literally translates into something like Ultra Uniform or something, but I can see enough thought going into the naming that they purposely picked the name for the double meaning.
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01/17/20 6:15:13 PM

20. ReLife

ReLife is one of the most intriguing romance stories of the decade. ReLife, for a show with only a single cour and a few OVA episodes is an extremely slow burn. A lot of the early episodes is pure character building with no real progression at all. But learning about the characters, especially the principle mains is really fun. Because the anime starts off on such a serious tone and make Arata so sympathetic you can pretty much forget sometimes he's actually 27. Of course the anime plays off this a lot at first. The anime itself has kind of a so-so ending, which is I think why those OVAs were a welcome bonus. The truth is, I think the anime overall has more impact than the OVAs even if they brought closure. Things just lined up a little too perfectly. I think ReLife is a show that is greater than the sum of its parts, like significantly so. It's really the level of the characters relationship and their progression and change throughout as they start to deal with different things that make the anime standout.

19. Nichijou

Nichijou is the funnest anime since FMPF. It mixes several different types of sketches with a wide array of characters. A lot of the humor is physical gag in nature with some of the greatest scenes in comedy anime history like Principal vs Deer, The fucking dog bite scene, Mio goes crazy over BL fan drawings, Hakase gives nano a new screw, my god. The anime has a very simple art style but this is a Kyoani show and there is splashes of insanely gorgeous animation quality everywhere. In like a visual standpoint on how the "camera" moves this is among the best shows on the list (Kill la Kill and Land of the Lustrous also have great cinematography). This is one of the most memorable pure comedies of all time.

18. High Score Girl

High Score Girl is a rush of nostalgia. It pretty much perfectly represents the perception of the early 90s arcade period and players. Just the excitement for new titles to play, dumping quarters, people raging at machines, the whole thing. I'm like barely old enough to really remember this and the anime makes it feel like it just happened to me. I think on the surface people dismissed this as a simple show about videogames, but the level of care in the story and characters is very high. The way that both Haruno and Akira develop is amazing. Akira doesn't talk, but her expression and actions speak for themselves. The mix of comedy and drama is pretty much perfect. Whenever they introduce a new game or start to play something there is a rush of excitement. The anime builds a rivalry between Akira and Koharu that is brilliant. The ending is done flawlessly as it perfectly mixes the comedic and heartfelt dramatic aspects of the show.

17. World Conquest Zvezda Plot

This is a show where the selling point is the totally insane cast of characters. My god, is this cast great. I mean, just look at them. The anime follows "the bad guys" led by a loli Kate Hoshimiya (although her actual age is unknown iirc) as they try to take over the world. They often get into clashes with an opposing "good guy" group White Light. While a lot of the setup here is pretty predictable the way they draw up stories in this show is so fun. The comedy is great too, there is a good mix of all types of humor in the show. Kate herself is a great lead character. The anime plays off of her looking like a little girl, but also give you glimpses on just how she manages to keep the cast together because of how magnetic her personality is.

16. Revue Starlight

In terms of imagination and imagery Revue Starlight is an incredible accomplishment. An anime that I think is supposed to be viewed under the impression that that it's presented like a theater play in terms of how it progresses and how a lot of the overall drama unfolds. The auditions are varied and very fun to watch. In a short period of time the anime brings out the casts personalities maybe better in the time it has than any show I can think of outside of maybe Idolmaster. Not only are the characters stories and personalities well fleshed out for the time frame but their physical designs are amazing as well. Of course too there is the music which just adds to the overall theater feel the whole show has going for it. The experience of the anime might be better than the story when you get down to it, but I think that's fine.
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01/19/20 5:18:53 PM

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01/20/20 7:17:23 PM

I feel like if you're a fan of ReLIFE, you owe it to yourself to read the manga because the anime cuts so much content, especially in the last part of the series that the OVAs cover.

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01/20/20 7:55:42 PM

LeonhartFour posted...
I feel like if you're a fan of ReLIFE, you owe it to yourself to read the manga because the anime cuts so much content, especially in the last part of the series that the OVAs cover.

I can probably count the number of mangas i've read on a single hand.
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01/20/20 7:59:05 PM

I haven't read very many either! Just saying the ReLIFE manga is absolutely worth it.

I read it when it looked like they were never going to actually finish the story.

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