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04/06/17 1:05:39 AM

Do you think White Privilege exists?

15 y/o Chet Ellis, a black teenager in a 93% WHITE town in Connecticut has won an essay contest on WHITE PRIVILEGE!!

He wrote about the "unavoidable" racial issues he faced growing up in an affluent, predominately white town as the sophomore at Staples Hgh School described a discussion he had during track practice.

He has 2 college professor parents in a house valued at 1.2 million. He wrote about his white friend who said that Chet would have "no problem" getting into a college because he was black and he was STUNNED by that comment and mumbled something instead of firing back "Your parents are 3rd generation Princeton and your father runs a hedge fund and yet you think my ride is free??"

The annual essay contest was blasted by the town despite it being put forward by the town's diversity council which aims to prompt discussion on multicultural issues since the town is 93% white.

The topic was encouraged to put forward on high schoolers to describe how white privilege, a term used mainly by "liberals" that refers unseen advantages conferred to whites and not racial minorities.

Residents were outraged as they say it wrongly suggests racial tensions exists in their town but the point of the contest to was to raise awareness given the recent presidental election

72 y/o Bari Reiner said "It's an open town. There are no barricades here. Nobody says if you're black or whatever, you can't move here"

Chet was awarded $1000 for his essay and said "I'm super excited. I think a lot of Westport is a friendly community and not as vocal about race relations as some news reports say"..He also said that a lot of people at his school thinks he won ONLY because he was black and he understands that initial thought but says he comes from a young black teen perspective rather than an old white man perspective.

He wrote about what it was like to be a black kid in a mostly white town and he was followed by managers in stores and when a classmate says a racial slur out loud.

Chet even said of how 2 white kids were moaning over a loss in track and gave the excuse that he was running against 2 giant black guys

Chet has a white mother and a black father as they often discuss current events and racial issues at the dinner table and they encouraged him to enter.

His mother, Amanda Freeman says she is proud of her son as he is one of few african american students at his school and is excited he spoke up and was hurt when people thought her son was an OUT OF TOWN student rather than her son..

16 y/o Josiah Tarrant, a white student came in SECOND at the contest and described racial disparities through the eyes of his younger brother adopted from Ethiopia. Claire Dinshaw, a white student as well came in 3rd who said white privilege is compared to a trust fund where it is a "bonus given to every white American"

Do you think White Privilege exists? let's see what people think

Chet - Winner

White Privilege Contest -

Westport - Connecticut -

Amanda and Trey - His parents

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04/06/17 1:08:34 AM

Absolutely white privilege exists. To what extent, and how much, varies from place to place, but on average, there are objective benefits to having white skin. Certainly, one could argue there are benefits for being a minority, but it seems fair that for quality of life for the average individual, white's have an advantage because of their skin color. Denying this is denying common sense.
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