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Full Throttle
04/05/17 10:37:02 PM

How were you raised politically?

28 y/o White Supremacist James Jackson who travelled to New York and murdered a homeless black man was raised by LIBERAL PARENTS and have now REFUSED to pay for his lawyer!!

The smirking jacka** said his parents have decided to stop paying for his legal fees and has now been assigned a public defender, Sam Talkin.

Sam said he can't answer why they won't pay no longer as he is not sure.

James described his parents as "typical liberal" parents in an interview and that his grandfather worked to integrate Louisiana schools during the civil rights movement. The judge asked him if he knows anyone that could pay for his lawyer and said No.

He is facing first desgree murder charges as a hate crime and as an act of terrorism as he travelled to New York on an attempt to massacre black people because of his hate for INTER-RACIAL dating.

James said he had hoped to murder a more "successful" black man because he could not stand black men dating white women.

He murdered 66 y/o Timothy Caughman, a homeless black man who was collecting cans in Manhattan when james suddenly stabbed him with an 18 inch sword..

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio attended the funeral at Mount Zion Baptist Church where Timothy's father used to be a pastor as he said "Forces of hate have been unleashed in recent months. We owe it to Timothy to do something more. We have to actively reject hate"

Mourners BLASTED the media for mischaracterizing their friend as a criminal because of his past and not for the man he was today.

They did not mention Caughman as a "Hard Rock" man who spent a lifetime doing good and founded a basketball league and helped young people get jobs. He collected bottle and exchanged them for money to get by as he lived most of his life with dedication to engage in democracy.

James and his parents are now on NON-SPEAKING TERMS

What political beliefs were you raised in?

James - Jerk

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04/05/17 10:42:08 PM

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