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Trading 9 noms for Life is Strange
Underleveled2901/12 8:58am
Can a name make someone more/less attractive to you?
Underleveled2101/10 12:31am
I've been binge-watching Superstore lately
Underleveled801/07 9:59pm
Do you order Chinese food on New Years Eve?
Underleveled812/31 1:37pm
My brother got me KH3 for Christmas
Underleveled2312/26 12:39pm
Best song in The Muppets Christmas Carol?
Underleveled212/25 12:10pm
This weekend is the 40th anniversary of the events of Hotel Dusk
Underleveled712/23 10:43pm
I just watched Anna and the Apocalypse
Underleveled212/23 12:50am
Survivor: Island of the Idols Discussion Topic #3: We are thankful for Noura
Underleveled50012/19 4:08pm
You're so vain.
Underleveled1212/18 10:50pm
LMS's attempts at trolling are VERY halfhearted
Underleveled312/09 2:43pm
RIP Caroll Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch)
Underleveled212/08 8:53pm
My summer of 2002 was friggin' sweet.
Underleveled912/07 12:53pm
I did not know that the term "stan" came from the Eminem song
Underleveled5712/06 9:16pm
Ayy tee tee en: Snake
Underleveled712/04 11:29pm
Can someone with Hulu and a couple minutes to spare check something pleas
Underleveled812/03 10:33pm
Appropriate drink to order on a first date?
Underleveled1612/03 8:24pm
Being green
Underleveled211/28 6:49pm
daily kirby crap: day 3
Underleveled1111/24 11:12pm
darkx plays A Hat in Time
Underleveled611/18 12:09pm
Best David Bowie album?
Underleveled1311/12 11:17pm
I love board 8
Underleveled211/11 2:54am
Drunkx ama
Underleveled611/11 1:00am
Best Rush album?
Underleveled811/09 12:34pm
Best Green Day album?
Underleveled1911/08 3:19pm
Best Bob's Burgers ending songs
Underleveled311/07 8:35pm
Best Red Hot Chili Peppers album?
Underleveled2911/07 7:39pm
Best Pink Floyd album?
Underleveled1311/05 10:12pm
Last night I dreamed I was in a horror movie with a machete killer
Underleveled211/05 6:26pm
How are the Jake Hunter games?
Underleveled311/05 6:09pm
3-3 is the fucking worst
Underleveled19511/05 5:57pm
This account has 777 karma today
Underleveled411/05 10:13am
Best Queen album?
Underleveled411/04 6:57pm
R.I.P. Rudy Boesch (Survivor season 1)
Underleveled1111/03 12:22am
Underleveled111/03 12:15am
Best AC/DC album?
Underleveled411/02 5:47pm
Best Led Zeppelin album?
Underleveled611/01 2:03pm
Best Beatles album?
Underleveled1410/31 7:05pm
Survivor Island of Idols/BB21 Discussion - Rob and Sandra are conspiring bitches
Underleveled50010/30 3:46pm
Would you like to see Disney do another traditionally-animated film?
Underleveled1110/28 3:01pm
Does anyone else remember the Letter People?
Underleveled310/21 12:19pm
Kirby cheat
Underleveled210/12 7:43pm
Hulu help?
Underleveled610/09 10:40pm
They have Zelda: Triforce Heroes at my 5 Below
Underleveled210/07 5:31pm
I have a confession to make
Underleveled909/30 5:50pm
*whistles the theme to Ed, Edd n Eddy*
Underleveled109/29 9:48am
The Pokemon anime (as we know it) is likely ending (spoilers I guess?)
Underleveled7409/27 12:45am
Name a B8er and I'll say something nice about them
Underleveled2709/25 8:17pm
The Cars' frontman Ric Ocasek has died at 75
Underleveled609/15 11:53pm
Board 8 Survivor Contestant Popularity Poll 2019
Underleveled4509/08 6:46am
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