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Hot Dogs or Hamburgers?
PikachuMaxwell4108/07 5:46pm
What's you favorite cereal?
PikachuMaxwell2307/31 3:39pm
Anyone else sensitive to loud noises?
PikachuMaxwell2507/22 4:00pm
Donald Trump - unintentionally funny?
PikachuMaxwell4907/06 6:09pm
Strangest animals on Earth?
PikachuMaxwell1606/07 1:25pm
Combo Breaker 2022
PikachuMaxwell104/22 7:03pm
I'll be honest...all this talk of war is exciting.
PikachuMaxwell1002/24 8:13pm
What would you do if you were the guy being shouted at in this situation?
PikachuMaxwell902/06 7:08pm
Seriously though, this place does make me act crazy.
PikachuMaxwell702/06 6:48pm
I'm getting crazy!!!
PikachuMaxwell1202/05 9:13am
Anger Max!!!
PikachuMaxwell102/04 9:23am
Salvos remaining: 3
PikachuMaxwell102/04 9:00am
Did Emperor Hirohito deserve to avoid being punished?
PikachuMaxwell702/03 11:14pm
I'm intelligent!
PikachuMaxwell502/03 10:05pm
Sometimes I wonder why I still hang out in GameFAQs social forums....
PikachuMaxwell902/03 9:40pm
Do you like where you live?
PikachuMaxwell1302/03 9:32pm
PikachuMaxwell802/03 9:09pm
How do you feel about Pichu in Smash Bros.?
PikachuMaxwell402/03 11:52am
Pikachu grew to Level 50!
PikachuMaxwell202/03 11:49am
Can you eat an 8-piece box of Popeye's Chicken in one sitting?
PikachuMaxwell4102/01 4:08pm
Casino Buffets
PikachuMaxwell3102/01 10:08am
Have you ever been to Japan?
PikachuMaxwell901/29 11:33pm
For those who know me, am I considered "toxic"?
PikachuMaxwell1101/29 9:02pm
PikachuMaxwell101/29 11:25am
Are you a fun person?
PikachuMaxwell701/29 11:21am
Tug of war
PikachuMaxwell301/29 10:09am
PikachuMaxwell701/28 5:07pm
PikachuMaxwell501/25 1:49pm
Best doughnuts?
PikachuMaxwell1401/24 10:31pm
I'm a Chimpanzee!
PikachuMaxwell1101/24 9:54pm
My FOMO is acting up again...(Pokemon)
PikachuMaxwell1301/24 5:04pm
Do you think Canadians will ever ditch the monarchy and become a republic?
PikachuMaxwell1501/24 12:27am
GameFAQs = NintenFAQs
PikachuMaxwell401/23 10:14pm
Do you go to gaming conventions?
PikachuMaxwell201/22 3:06pm
FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out
PikachuMaxwell501/22 12:17pm
How do you feel about religious humor?
PikachuMaxwell1301/19 12:41am
What do you think Jesus was like?
PikachuMaxwell1601/18 11:32pm
What does being an "animal lover" actually mean?
PikachuMaxwell901/17 7:38pm
Have you seen internet celebrities in real life?
PikachuMaxwell601/08 6:23pm
Speaking of cats...
PikachuMaxwell1001/08 12:53pm
Blue Archive: Favorite characters and why?
PikachuMaxwell401/02 10:13am
Pikachu! Jigglypuff!
PikachuMaxwell1212/31 9:27pm
Combination Fried Rice
PikachuMaxwell312/29 11:11pm
Favorite punt returner?
PikachuMaxwell612/29 8:57am
Anyone else play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
PikachuMaxwell412/28 11:40pm
What's the most you've spent on a single gacha game?
PikachuMaxwell1012/26 9:07pm
Do you like open-world games? Why or why not?
PikachuMaxwell1912/22 10:16pm
Punishing Gray Raven - mobile gacha game
PikachuMaxwell512/21 8:58pm
My parents are reluctant to pick up food at Chinatown.
PikachuMaxwell512/18 1:02am
We'll take the pig....
PikachuMaxwell412/18 12:49am
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