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Destroying a helicopter with a head crab in Half-Life
KFHEWUI1106/23 8:03pm
ITT: Post Video Game ads
KFHEWUI18406/23 12:45pm
EA Motive to revive Dead Space?
KFHEWUI1506/22 2:47pm
Cancelled DC game Dee Dee Planet's beta has been released
KFHEWUI806/18 5:15pm
Amazon Echo but it's an Imperial Guard
KFHEWUI606/09 4:32pm
That is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!
KFHEWUI106/07 6:09pm
You know, I have one simple request
KFHEWUI106/01 6:21pm
My kitten passed away....
KFHEWUI2305/26 9:23pm
Doubutsu Banchou / Cubivore (N64 version) proto has been dumped!!
KFHEWUI605/25 6:21pm
Castlevania: Resurrection proto has been RELEASED!!!
KFHEWUI704/29 12:25pm
Capcom Arcade Stadium getting new packs, PS5, Steam, and X-Box One bound
KFHEWUI204/26 8:24pm
Bunch of PS1, Saturn and CD-I protos dumped including cancelled games!
KFHEWUI704/20 6:13pm
Nintendo Indie showcase April 14
KFHEWUI3904/15 10:44am
Castlevania: Resurrection footage!!!
KFHEWUI2204/08 1:22pm
A ref just collapsed at the Gonzaga/USC game
KFHEWUI1903/30 7:51pm
Sometimes Youtube recommends gold
KFHEWUI503/24 6:31pm
Introducing the Pikachu caterpillar!
KFHEWUI1103/17 4:31pm
Just a normal day in the neighborhood...
KFHEWUI303/13 2:10am
Army Ants build bridge to attack Hornet's nest
KFHEWUI3703/11 9:17am
Amazon announces live-action Hellsing film, John Wick writer involved
KFHEWUI703/05 6:40pm
The Silver Case and sequel (Switch) release July 6; physical edition announced
KFHEWUI203/04 5:51pm
Silent Hill, Siren, Gravity Rush creator teases next game
KFHEWUI702/18 4:57am
Friendly Cacodemon
KFHEWUI602/17 11:41am
The Callisto Protocol Red Band Cinematic trailer
KFHEWUI102/15 6:54pm
The Great Ace Attorney, Tales From Borderlands rated for Switch
KFHEWUI1102/13 4:30pm
Battlefield 4 - Grenade in an elevator
KFHEWUI902/11 7:42pm
Crash 4 hits Switch, PS5, and X-Box Series X on March 12
KFHEWUI1102/09 7:44pm
Akira Yamaoka teases next project...
KFHEWUI402/06 12:49pm
Post awesome game covers
KFHEWUI3502/05 6:32pm
ITT: Azumanga Daioh
KFHEWUI18001/29 6:42pm
MachineGames next project is an Indiana Jones game
KFHEWUI1501/12 2:04pm
A new fighting manga starring a rooster...
KFHEWUI2112/27 7:27am
Firefly Squids are cool!
KFHEWUI312/23 8:58pm
Geno concept art
KFHEWUI912/18 8:37pm
Glitter Bomb 3.0 vs Porch Thieves
KFHEWUI1212/17 5:59pm
Bioshock 4 job listings hint "open world" and "RPG systems"
KFHEWUI1912/11 5:51pm
Dead Space co-creator to reveal new game at Video Game Awards
KFHEWUI1012/10 7:43pm
DOOM on Nintendo Game and Watch
KFHEWUI811/24 12:15pm
Bunnicula is great!
KFHEWUI211/21 12:41pm
Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
KFHEWUI711/19 12:48pm
What if Michael Bay directed "UP"?
KFHEWUI110/30 8:00pm
Dragonborne, new Game Boy game, announced!
KFHEWUI3010/29 6:53pm
ITT: The Far Side
KFHEWUI9810/24 12:20pm
GKids obtains the rights for Neon Genesis Evangelion show & movies!!!
KFHEWUI210/06 7:10pm
My dog passed away...
KFHEWUI2010/06 5:57am
Chocobo theme (rubber chicken cover)
KFHEWUI209/30 7:25pm
ITT: Cute animal videos
KFHEWUI50009/21 5:38pm
Turok 5 Resurrection pitch
KFHEWUI409/18 6:51pm
Flying Porta Potties
KFHEWUI209/06 1:46pm
GRAVEN reveal trailer
KFHEWUI709/06 1:39pm
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