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Seventeen games Board 8 recommended during this contest.
HaRRicH405/16 12:09am
Playthrough of LoZ:BotW, told in haiku. *spoilers as I progress*
HaRRicH1305/14 5:39pm
Playthrough of LoZ:BotW, told in hiaku. *spoilers as I progress*
HaRRicH405/14 12:32pm
**SPOILER?** How to become the game of the decade.
HaRRicH305/13 6:04pm
Recommend one game that made it to the Final Four.
HaRRicH1205/12 1:25pm
Recommend one game that lost in Round 5.
HaRRicH1205/11 5:29pm
Recommend one game that lost in Round 4.
HaRRicH805/08 8:09pm
Recommend one game that lost in Round 3.
HaRRicH2105/02 5:38pm
How well did you predict the indie games this contest?
HaRRicH804/23 12:28pm
Recommend one game that lost in Round 2.
HaRRicH2904/22 1:29am
Recommend one game that lost in Round 1.
HaRRicH5204/14 2:35pm
Post cool things regarding games from today's matches.
HaRRicH104/12 12:20am
Recommend one game that was snubbed from this Game of the Decade contest.
HaRRicH5104/06 8:20pm
FOURPACK OF FUN: Baba/Ghost Trick + XCOM 2/FTL
HaRRicH2204/03 6:57pm
How many of your top ten games of the decade made the contest?
HaRRicH2503/02 11:44pm
HaRRicH402/20 7:50pm
FOURPACK OF FUN: Walking Dead/Life is Strange, AC: New Leaf/Stardew Valley
HaRRicH1301/21 12:28am
What's the weakest game you think will make it into the contest?
HaRRicH4401/17 4:51am
Nane a match you'd like to see in GotD2.
HaRRicH4501/16 8:20am
Best GameFAQs GotY *RUNNER-UP* of the decade?
HaRRicH2101/13 9:56pm
What was the best GameFAQs GotY-winner of the past five years?
HaRRicH1401/13 11:13am
Should a portion of the GotD bracket be dedicated to indie games?
HaRRicH1301/12 10:30pm
Top 25 games of the decade, period. Exclamation mark!
HaRRicH9701/12 10:05pm
HaRRicH101/06 12:19am
FF8 vs FF9
HaRRicH6312/22 5:19pm
Talk Wolfenstein to me.
HaRRicH912/02 8:06pm
`````` Nominate SHEIK for CB11! #DownB
HaRRicH31611/29 1:59pm
How many prizes can I win at the fair?
HaRRicH22011/18 4:45pm
Any songs that fit the theme of "the guilt of responsibility?"
HaRRicH1208/23 11:12am
What's the best Super Mario 64 fan-made rom hack?
HaRRicH508/13 11:24pm
How's the D-Pad on a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?
HaRRicH1106/29 4:17pm
Speed-running start-up questions.
HaRRicH606/23 12:10pm
Engine smoked (white/gray, probable coolant leak). Can I drive to a mechanic?
HaRRicH605/31 10:11pm
Red Hot Chili Peppers VS Foo Fighters: prepping for a rock-topic.....
HaRRicH3605/19 10:45am
FOURPACK OF FUN: Sheik VS Kefka -- Geralt VS Fox
HaRRicH1205/01 10:21pm
Advice for playing escape rooms?
HaRRicH1804/25 12:43pm
Jay-Z -- ranking songs and albums.
HaRRicH19904/24 3:16am
What is most fair regarding Sheik's eligibility in CB11?
HaRRicH15704/19 10:49pm
Sonic's latest redesign VS the Twitter bird upside-down
HaRRicH1603/26 9:19am
What major singles/features with Jay-Z am I missing?
HaRRicH1402/22 11:27am
Hometown's losing its only hospital.
HaRRicH302/05 12:54pm
Blue Screen of Death'd in 2019...what? Please help.
HaRRicH1101/25 8:35pm
Prepping for a Jay-Z listen-through topic.
HaRRicH2601/13 3:56pm
Best GotY winner of the past five years?
HaRRicH3101/13 12:19am
Top Ten Games I Played in the Past Two Years (2017-2018)
HaRRicH8601/07 1:11pm
What goes with a jean jacket?
HaRRicH3101/05 11:21pm
The flow of time is always cruel.
HaRRicH312/30 11:18am
O P E R A T I O N O U S T (tm)
HaRRicH1512/27 3:12pm
*PLEASE HELP UPDATE* List of characters seen in both Smash and a GameFAQs match.
HaRRicH3912/21 12:42am
The Ultimate Losers (tm)
HaRRicH812/17 9:49pm
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