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Daryl Davis still being a generational leader.
Abiz_801/28 12:29am
AOC finally #ForcesTheVote but
Abiz_1001/15 8:26pm
Remember that lawsuit against the bakery because they wouldn't
Abiz_101/13 11:01pm
Biden most be happy. He doesn't have to pretend to do anything he really
Abiz_211/04 9:09pm
When did A RED VENTURES COMPANY buy gamefaqs?
Abiz_210/31 10:09pm
Seriously why would anyone just randomly attack Rick Moranis?
Abiz_310/07 9:23pm
"That doesn't slap!"
Abiz_107/29 7:14pm
I'm watching a bunch of Gaming Historian videos on youtube.
Abiz_207/28 8:57pm
AI sounding Woman explains how you are full of bs if you don't wear a mask.
Abiz_806/29 5:06pm
Just watched The Gentlemen.
Abiz_406/14 10:33pm
Nonhoarders are you worried that hoarder are going to cause a shortage?
Abiz_103/14 4:20pm
Just watched Jay and Silent Bob reboot.
Abiz_102/10 8:44pm
Doge preparing for 2020.
Abiz_201/18 12:37am
What do you think of state of humanity while intoxicited?
Abiz_301/10 11:49pm
Watching Wild Wild Country on Netflix
Abiz_101/02 12:54am
Wow, People most be loving the Witcher Netflix series.
Abiz_2912/30 5:54am
Dog literally woofs.
Abiz_712/23 12:25am
Lizzo just wants to spread her love like she spreads her cheeks.
Abiz_112/10 10:31pm
There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years. Yeah, that seems right.
Abiz_512/09 8:06pm
Fella has it rough and gets no respect for his work.
Abiz_411/24 6:50pm
This is why Dogs are better than Cats.
Abiz_911/22 11:27am
California's new 35-story limit for freelance journalism
Abiz_210/19 6:20pm
So what do you think of Gamespot making article where you can't express
Abiz_310/04 12:16am
Cate betrays Doge
Abiz_1008/25 7:28pm
Chrono series...
Abiz_1208/05 9:34pm
Caption this picture.
Abiz_1007/27 8:36pm
Do games still make you sweat during intense situations?
Abiz_2205/10 4:06pm
So is gamespot trying to create rage to fuel their failing writer staff?
Abiz_204/30 11:22pm
Is the Joker movie a stand a lone or will it connect to the other DC movies?
Abiz_904/03 8:18pm
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