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cjsdowg posted...
I ain't mad at Cube he reach out to both side, to try to get his planned for the black people. Then system went all in on him they do for any black man bucking the system.

Sorry, nah, he was saying some unjustifiably nice things about the most openly racist President we've had in modern history, who had expressed constant hostility and contempt towards that community.

If some Hamas members were talking about how they want to try and tackle Israeli citizen issues and a popular Israeli musician was talking them up because "I'll listen to anybody who wants to help my community", would people be giving him this excuse?

Republicans literally create and exacerbate the problems minority communities have to contend with. Thinking they'd earnestly come with any sort of solutions is just having your head up your ass.

Donald Trump was just trying to create another "My African-American moment" and Cube helped facilitate that.

Cube's smarter than that. Or at least I thought he was.
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