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FreedomEtrtment posted...
I definitely advise seeking help. You may have anger management issues and might do something that could hurt others and/or yourself. There are many things that they could offer to help you with it like having one of little squeezie things or a miniature punching bag to let off steam.

I do work out and box

Woodger posted...
Probably should get that checked out - worst case imagine it was more than a hand clap on a bad day and you did flip out or got violent, could end up in jail and ruin your life, so do what you can to eliminate that risk.

There are cognitive behavioural therapies to help with that sort of thing, basically to stop your brain so quickly jumping to the adrenaline response for small things and leaving it only for emergencies.

Yeah today. I just avoided her all day. Her talking to me even bothered me. Could it possibly just be her though?