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The title leaves me extremely cold. I feel like this isn't going to do much to fix the problems of TLJ.

The Last Jedi: The Jedi are done, and also as a reminder that the Skywalker line is a unique anomaly among the Jedi, and that anyone can have Force powers.

The Rise of Skywalker: Just kidding, there are definitely more Jedi, and the Skywalkers will continue on. Also, the Skywalkers are only now rising. The last 30 years of in-story lore don't count.

It's actually only now that I'm feeling how jarring "The Rise of Skywalker" title is.

Skywalker will be the name that replaces Jedi. It'll be a new fundamental way of using the Force that won't fall into the same hubris that ruined the Old Jedi Order.
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