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You know, it's really unfair to cure polio when so many people are already paralyzed

you guys should know better than to do stuff like this

I won't engage with red sox but I will make fun of him

I think it's a bad analogy and there's a lot of wonky handwaving in this topic about this subject - I would be mindful of that.

The root cause, from this topic, seems to be "some people signed for a loan and don't want to repay it" and not the value of what the loan paid for. You're acting like debt forgiveness will solve the problem and it won't, it will just increase the pool of people who aren't dealing with the problem.

It is a problem that you can have a young person with $100,000 in student loan debt. The root cause doesn't seem to follow - the solutions all seem to be having other people pay for it.
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the lesson, as always - "everyone has a .jpg"
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