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Me: Do you have a keypair for the admin apis?
Him: Yes, but the account apis don't need that kind of keypair.
Me: Ok, but the account apis might be down
Him: What do you mean might be down, they are down, you wrote up a bug ticket on them last week!
Me: Right, I guess I thought maybe I could find a work around?
Me: I'm confused, if you don't want me using the account apis why did you meantion they don't need a keypair
Him: I DO want you using the account apis
Me: But they are broken
Him: Yes
Me: You want me to use something that is broken to make something that works
Him: That's exactly right

And he established earlier he doesn't want me to fix the broken thing either

TLDR: He wants me to use something that doesn't work to make something that does, and I can't fix the broken thing.
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