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Anybody here tried Hyper Scape yet?

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deoxxys posted...
I need to get to watch more Kino.
Erased seems like a great show to rewatch.

Also really glad you liked Avatar TLA.
Korra isnt nearly as consistent and I found it to be a disappointment for the most part, but for some reason I really like the 3+4 seasons.

For one the lightning bending really bothers me. In TLA it was a rare form of fire bending that was hard to master and was very lethal. In Korra, everyone has it and doesnt pack as much of a punch. Another thing is a key aspect that I enjoyed from TLA is the adventure one, theyre always moving around but Korra spends the whole first season in one city......sorry I must vent

I think Korra has been missing the comedic relief. There's some comedy, but it falls flat often and then it seems to be missing for too long of stretches at times.


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