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LightningAce11 posted...
I do like fashion souls more than caring about stats especially if it's a single player game, does origins have cool outfits?

Do they have any worthwhile dlc?

Yes, and at least one goofy one. Since you can get a Choco-camel(A camel cosplaying as a Chocabo from Final Fantasy that is part of an FFV/AC minicrossover event. Even has a nice sword and shield.). There is fair amount of variety from stuff that looks tribal, to religious armor that has animal helmet, but one of the best armors to my knowledge is no longer available since you can't do the Trial of the Gods weekly event anymore. The servers got shutdown.

DLC for Origins
Curse of the Pharoahs was pretty fun. Though the thing they replace mercenaries with can be challenging early on. I especially loved fighting giant scorpions in tall grass.
DLC for Odyssey
I enjoyed the Atlantis Trilogy. Episode 1 and 3 more then 2. Though all of them let you play around Greek Heroes and Gods. Legacy of the First Blade felt like an odd addendum to the lore.

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