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papercup posted...
They really really really REALLY want Trump to be president. So let's just do a fascism for them pretty please.

I still don't quite get it though. What was the plan?

Ok, let's say peaceful protest had happened. Cool. The votes were already certified. Still after two months no actual evidence saying otherwise, a bunch of congressmen would have said why they opposed it, but likely nothing would have changed. Would they have just gone home then?

But we didn't even get that, we had them attack the capitol. Broke windows. Tear apart offices. The woman who was shot climbing through a window when security had an pointed gun at her? What would have done if she got to the other side. What would they have done had they actually reached someone like Pence or any of the other Congressmen/women? I've seen pictures of some of them with the zip-tie cuffs.

What was the end games? Execution? Do they think that would actually work? Do they think that they would just come in and take over the Capital building and somehow magically they'd make Trump win again?

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