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Any tips for playing through Pikmin?

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Again? Honestly I thought about just closing my account because I got a 30 day purge with a clean mod history for some real stupid shit. Was regarding that 10 year old that had to have an abortion, and this was like the first day we heard about it so we had no real info at the time, I said it may have been a fellow 10 classmate and not rape, was just putting the possibility out there before we all jumped to conclusions while we had no info. And some other guy said 10 year olds can't consent, and I said yeah with adults, but if two 5th graders have sex they're raping each other? Which he replied yes, and then I got a 30 day purg for "going to bat for 10 year olds having sex", not sure if he got anything because well yeah I don't have an alt and I was in purg. No avenue for disputing, because I did NOT advocate or "go to bat for" anything, I just put it put there that some 5th graders do have sex with each other and it's absurd to think that act is rape. Other dude literally said the pregnant 10 year old would be a rapist if she had sex with her classmate, but I get the month purg?

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