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Tsunami's Post-Contest Analysis

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Ulti_PCA posted...

Pikachu > Ganondorf
Bowser > Alucard
Zelda > Auron
Tifa > Sephiroth

Bowser > Pikachu
Zelda > Tifa

Zelda > Bowser

That would have been so, so entertaining. Thanks, Allen :(

I'd consider Bowser-Pikachu debatable. Pre-contest, I thought that Pikachu was indirectly stronger but I still took Bowser > Pikachu in Losers' Bracket Round 3 because of hierarchy, and nothing I saw in this contest has led me to doubt that Pikachu is indirectly stronger (especially after Bowser, you know, didn't beat Crono even once while Pikachu did beat Mega Man once, although honestly I had Bowser defeating the Division 3 winner, not Crono, in Losers' 2) but if anything, Zelda > Mario makes me feel like Bowser's chances of pulling hierarchy on Pikachu aren't as great as I thought.
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