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Playing through Mass Effect LE

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Viper sniper rifle is the MVP. This gun rocks.

Finished up Miranda's loyalty mission. It's fine. I've never really been a fan of Miranda or her character, her loyalty mission does absolutely nothing to change that. I would go as far to say that she just isn't a very well written character, or realized character. She is supposed to be this genetic modified super human, and obviously she comes off as a bitch or a know-it-all, but she kind of goes off the rails in her loyalty mission. I think not exactly knowing what/who her father is directly hurts in this instance. Miranda is going to say whatever she wants to say about the situation, but we don't have anything other than her word, and she is falling apart at the seams emotionally on this mission. Not only for her sister and her situation, but Niket as well. She is about the murder Niket(only for me to stop her) then she is pissed that Niket died, but only because it was by the Eclipse person. It's just jarring because the dialogue does change depending on how you go about it, but either way in this particular situation the writing after the fact doesn't make up for how it was handled with Niket, or how it's perceived anyway.

I definitely think it's the weakest loyalty mission.

With that being said I do appreciate the little oddities that you can find through the various missions on Illium that you can then bring to solve little side assignments. Makes it feel more connected and it also feels like it's not wasting my time because it just happens to be on the way.


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