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do you think incels are incels because theyre incels?

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Mead posted...
thats more of an issue with the pre-merger company years ago not getting the appropriate parental consent for underage users

It was dealt with swiftly and appropriately, and doesnt have anything to do with all the conspiracy gaslighting going on right now

How can you possibly in the same breath chastise Facebook and Google for collecting user data and simultaneously give a pass to TikTok at the very best doing exactly the same thing they do, and at worst doing far worse than they do considering their data collection guidelines are under far less scrutiny.

Here's more if you really think the data collection is just a 'conspiracy'.

Zimperium - A mobile security company

Penetrum - A mobile security company

Or how bout that their exists API's built into the system that move data directly to Alibaba which openly admits in their privacy policy that they share and sell user data.

It may not be used as some sort of weird CCP spy shit, but its absolutely egregious regardless. I don't know that it means it should be banned by the government unless they can prove some sort of government spy shit (impossible) but let's not pretend this fucking thing is all hunky dory.

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