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Were you bullied in Middle/High school?

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Yea my cousins and friends whenever i would sleep over. Recently as an adult too. Not a big deal, I just push them off if they get too close, or wake them up to make them stop snoring.

One time tough, I had to share a "bed" with my dad and my friend, all of adults that are at least 5'10" and 160 pounds. The bed in question was a full size air mattress with an unattached van seat beside it. So me and my dad were on the matress and my friend was right beside me but was at least laying on a separate cushion. And it was in the back of a van so it was hot and stuffy.

And the only reason we had to do that was because we waited too long to set up the tent on a camping trip and it got dark and starting storming. That was an uncomfortable night.
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