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{ 839th Place } [10's][ 145th Place]
Song: "Time"
Band: Hans Zimmer
Album: Inception OST
---{ 2010 }---
Genre: Score
Score:[7.2][8.2][1.3][8.3][6.2][7.2][7.2] = [45.6] = [6.514]

I got time for one more ranking so we'll spane into another song from this decade. We are changing gears here considerably though going from the usual Pop to a piece that was actually created for a popular film. Some of you may recognize the theme but it is from and was created for Christopher Nolan's film Inception hence the album it appears on. I'm most definitely a big fan of instrumentals though as I generally listen to a few while reading my graphic novels. You throw on the headphones and if the pairing is just right, you can sink so much deeper into the stories you read.. or I should say, that's how it is for me. Hans Zimmer has made countless Scores for the film industry and has always been a favorite composer of mine and this might be near the very top of his work that I appreciate which is why I didn't want to leave it out. I knew when doing this ranking though that instrumentals would have a tough hill to climb based on the selected criteria but I'm not too disappointed in the placement here honestly. I personally feel like the song is epic in a way but I understand that it isn't the usual go to when folks think about music. I'm pretty much satisfied that I can at least share my interest here.

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