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For people that need a GENERAL refresher. These is how these cards GENERALLY work.

Ritual Summons=You have to have the monster and AND the spell card to summon it in your HAND. Then you NEED to use the spell card and pick monsters that reach the level of the Ritual monster to send in the graveyard from the hand/field. So if a Ritual monster is 8 levels pick monsters that their levels equal to at least 8 to send to the graveyard.

Fusion Summons=You have to have the fusion spell in your hand and materials in your hand/field. Then use the spell.

Synchro Summons=A monster that is a tuner(it says that in their info)and one or more non tuner monsters in the FIELD. So if example a Synchro monster is level 7 you HAVE to have EXACTLY the levels required. So for example a tuner 4 level and a non tuner 3 level. Or a 6 level tuner and a non tuner 1 level. And such.

Xyz summons=You have to have 2 monsters of the same level in the field depending on the rank of the Xyz monster. If it is rank 4 for example and it requires 2 materials you have to have 2 level 4 monsters in the field.

Pendulum summons=Now this is tricky. These are basically hybrids, they can be used as monsters and spells and usually have an effect depending on how they are used. They have scales numbers in their info. THEN you activate these and you put them in your spell/trap card zone face up, one on the furthest left and one on the furthest right. THEN you can special summon AS many monsters as you can from your hand and/or extra deck if they are face up on the extra deck.

The levels you can summon are depending on the scales. So if a pendulum monster that is in your spell/trap card zone has the 1 scale and the other has the 9 scale you can summon monsters that their levels are 2 to 8. Yeah a bunch of monsters at once as the anime said. It is complicated true.

Link summons=These usually require different methods, like 2 effect monsters, 3 warrior monsters, any monsters and such. The monsters have to be in the field. Then you summon the Link monster BUT there are only 2 places that it can be summoned. ALSO if you want to summon another Link monster you have to summon it in the arrow that the other Link monster you control have. Link monsters generally have effects that affect cards their Link arrows show.

So yeah generally these are the types of the different special summon monsters.

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