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Any last words before I close this bitch?

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masterpug53 posted...
Kaldrenthebold posted...
Love the show but JD is an idiot, similar to Eric Forman from That 70's Show. I hate main characters that literally make the same stupid mistakes over and over and never learn from them.

I've known for years that Bill Lawrence went into Scrubs with the mindset of creating a sort of live-action Simpsons, but it never really dawned on me until recently just how much of a Homer Simpson-esque character JD is: totally self-absorbed, rarely if ever learns, but yet is still capable of great compassion and occasional insight. The difference is that Homer is a fat overt slob and JD is a young energetic professional, so it takes awhile for it to sink in just what type of character JD is, and some people might walk away from it feeling like their expectations were betrayed. I appreciate JD as the main character of the show because of just how flawed and human he is, and how his ego is constantly getting humbled by those around him. Furthermore, it makes those rare moments when he's completely in the right and calls everyone else on it feel a lot more meaningful, like the linked clip from a few posts back.

I never heard of that but it kind of makes sense. His flashbacks are almost used like how The Simpsons watch TV.

J.D is a decent person, but like you said his arrogance and his ego often get the best of him. I feel if he has any flaw he's never as vulnerable as he is or they never demonstrate it.

Forgot about this.
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