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Framed, the wordl for movie screenshots

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I've been playing games lately so here we go! Mini reviews as I progress

Game in a series I've played some of is Fallout 4 - put about 60 hours into this. I think it does some clever things, but overall I was kinda disappointed with the direction. I like to play more talky characters, followed by stealthy characters, with straight up fighters a distant 3rd... but this game has no room for that. Even in the moments when you CAN get extra info out of good speech checks, you still get pushed into "Well anyway let's fight to the death I guess" moments. Not to mention, the absolute endless cascade of faceless Raiders, Ghouls, Mutants, and Synths. Like, the game immediately makes the value judgment for you -- the name of the enemy that's trying to kill you as you take 10 steps outside is "Raider scum". I wish there was more of a place in Fallout for people doing bad things because they're in terrible positions. My INT 10 CHA 10 character should not have ended the game with over 600 (human) kills. Come on.

Shooting Game is Vampire Survivors. It's a shooting game! Come at me! (Don't actually come at me cause I Great Gospeled my La Borra so much the floor is holy lava and you'll instantly evaporate). I played this awhile last spring on PC, but got back into it when it dropped on Mobile and played through the end. Very fun! I do think the last secrets are a little TOO cryptic... you end up having to wiki stuff. And for what it's worth, I do think HoloCure is a better game.

Action Game is Bleed. This was cute. The art style reminds me of the anime type stuff my friends drew back in high school. It took me a long time, honestly until the last stage, to start to feel more comfortable with the control scheme. And I didn't replay on higher difficulties, cause Normal was enough for me. But yeah, I enjoyed trying out different weapons against the bosses to see which one felt best.

Game with an Animal Lead was Frog Fractions. I... don't even know what to say about this game. I sure did learn some fractions! (Best moment was being called out for stale jokes when I typed xyzzy in the text adventure)

Finish a game in 1 day (more like 1.5 hours) was Hiveswap Act 1. I thought I was just getting out of the tutorial and then it went back to the title screen! What! Anyway it was... fine. Not as cleverly written as Homestuck at its best, or even Homestuck at its average, but better than Homestuck at its worst, I guess?

Game I received for Free was Gato Roboto. A friend gifted it to me around Christmas. This was a pretty neat, short, metroidvania. I learned to missile jump really early on and so of course I tried to break the game by going where I wasn't supposed to, and because of that I did the 3 main areas in opposite order, just making the game harder on myself. It was still totally doable, though. I managed to 100% this one. Some of the bosses were pretty clever!

Game that's unbeatable for 6 hours is Fate Grand Order. Of course, what else could it be? I hit six hours, estimated, during Saber Wars 2 rerun, which is tied for my favorite non-Main Story event. I've had awful gacha luck recently, though. Saving up until this summer. It's gonna be packed.

Game by an Indie Developer was Hollow Knight. Which, technically I'd already put a ton of time into this in December and just closed it out in January, buuuut I did get started on the Randomizer stuff, including Multiworld, and other mods, in January. I'd argue at this point it's not only a different game, but double indie!!

I'm Rose Coldsteel, from Legend of Coldsteel

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