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Para's top 100 games of the decade, 2010-2019

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10's > 90's > 00's > 80's

The 10's were just really solid all around - it was like a mashup of all the best ideas of the 90's and 00's combined.

I do prefer the 90's over the 00's though. The period between like 2005-2009 was just kind of a dark period for me, there weren't that many games during those years that I loved. The 90's were crazy and innovative and fun.

I love some 80's games but the decade suffers from not really hitting its stride until 1987, and also the fact that a lot of the best NES games just barely backslid into the 90's. My FAVORITE 80's games beat my FAVORITE 00's games but there's more going on in the 00's overall.

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