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darkknight109 posted...
North and South American natives didn't fail to domesticate their animals because they weren't as smart as the Europeans or whatever other racist bullshit you're trying to spew, they didn't domesticate their animals because they didn't have any animals that could be domesticated. The Europeans lucked out in that regard (an apt thing to point out, given that the topic of the day is "privilege") and it goes a long way towards explaining why Europe and Asia advanced much faster than Africa, Oceanica, and the Americas.

Europe and Asia expanded quicker from thousands of years of aggressive arms races, we were "privileged" with aggressive rivals to overcome.

To further note reality, Europe is in a climate sweet spot for civilizations, not as a perfect environment, but as a too cold one. Everyone to the south was too warm to be motivated to develop and everyone north was too cold to afford to take risks to develop. Europe was "privileged" with an uncomfortable environment and stiff competition to push forward.

darkknight109 posted...
Didn't you just say you don't drag the conversation wherever you want?

I said Arabic, not Muslim - why the fuck are you bringing up Christianity and Islam?

Europe is a Christian culture, the Middle East and North Africa are Muslim culture, it's defined the areas extensively. Most of our conflict historically has been on our cultural differences between these religious influences. Without a Christian base, you can't really tie Europe and America together and yet we do.

darkknight109 posted...
The part where I explicitly talked about the ways that men sometimes have it worse than women? Yeah, you did.

Everybody has some ways worse than others, we were talking about the overall picture, and you were wrong.

darkknight109 posted...
Because it's not like the phrase "Femme Fatale" exists or has a long, cherished history in prose or anything.

The fact it has a name notes how it's significant that a woman is portrayed evil.

And since the topic has touched on job worth, I'd like to spanert.

Service jobs pay worse because you influence more people. You might be able to massage 20 people in a day, but you can pack thousands of boxes in to shipping containers. Production has economy of scale, service is limited by the personal factor.
Doctor Foxx posted...
The demonizing of soy has a lot to do with xenophobic ideas.

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