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what to do if you hate your [verb ending in -ing] job

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_Dog_ posted...
@KujikawaRising posted...
^If you're going to make alts just to target somebody else with your negativity, I suggest you go ban yourself.

Over my dead body. I will not be silenced.

It's worth noting that I agree Ash should've won the Sinnoh League, after which the series would've rebooted in Unova. The Pokemon anime has suffered from a plague of sameness - but that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyable. I still enjoyed my DP watchthrough a few years ago despite having grown up with the original series like yourself. It's a freaking kids' show. It's allowed to repeat itself for new generations.

What I disagree with is your "holier than thou" attitude where you think your opinion is the only one worth anything. Allow darkx to enjoy this instead of hounding him trying to shove your stance down his throat. He's allowed to enjoy it his way. Back off and let him.

P.S. I won't reply to anything else you say, so I suggest you back off of me, too.
I'm BlueCrystalTear, probably at work.

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