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lww99 posted...
LostForest posted...
lww99 posted...
Idk it doesnt sound like much, but I figured it would be the perfect opportunity

Nah dude, you were in the right there. Post-wedding sex is a given for all healthy couples, barring extenuating circumstances. Emotions are high, you guys get all sweaty dancing, it's fun seeing friends and family so you're in a good mood, etc...

Sex after a wedding is basically a ritual lol.

No offense but sounds like you guys have some deeper rooted issues putting your relationship at stake is she's holding sex over your head and asking for more affection in exchange.

Yeah thats what I thought, too.

She even made a comment at the reception, you better dance with me if you want that good-good later

So we danced literally the entire night, with me thinking that were building up tension the whole time.

Noooope. And then well usually get in an argument in the next day or two, because I cant get it out of my head

yeah, why the **** should I get married lol?
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