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CasanovaZelos posted...
This feels less like a declaration that these are the best in the series as much as critics finally getting over this weirdly specific expectation.
well there's also some

ninkendo posted...
Video Chums - 9.2/10
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a collection of the best Ace Attorney games yet

ninkendo posted...
NoisyPixel - 10/10
Whether you are a veteran Ace Attorney fan or completely new, this is the height of the franchise that is worth playing in its entirety. After the staleness the series has been associated with from its latest entries, this long-awaited release is the mold-breaker that subverts the obvious.

ninkendo posted...
God is a Geek - 9.5/10
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is simply the best game in a series I adore.

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