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the wifi we're stuck with is just can't manage going through the house

we're in a basement flat and the internet comes down into my sister's room via ethernet into a booster that is supposed to spread it to the rest of our level but uh clearly doesn't work well - but my sister's computer in the livingroom has 50Mbps but then my room is the worst

her partner's computer is a few feet from hers and he's just getting a bit more than me, we're gonna try though getting ethernet cables to plug into those boosters into each of our computers, if not that then take that ethernet cable going into my sister's room and plug that into an ethernet and we can hope that does better, if not run a longggg ethernet from that (which frankly I would like to do the most, but would require the most work to uh basically get that cable around the complete opposite side of the flat

oh well at least we have a Plan A, B, and C to work on

WhiteLens posted...
Is your sister stealing internet from a McDonalds or Starbucks or something?

Is she extremely young or is she old enough to hold a controller and know what to do with it?
coming up on 2 years in May, I don't think she could play games yet but I have today got her at least to understand the spacebar can pause/play videos and she had fun with that

putting cocomelon on the computer and her just pressing space then turning to see that it paused, then pressing it again and watching it come on... loop at 5 second intervals

it's cool watching her understand that this one button out of all the others on the computer can do that function

I request affiliated many pipes.
Been a bad girl, I know I am. And I'm so hot, I need a fan. I don't want a boy, I need a man.

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