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These R. Kelly memes are ridiculous.

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Smashingpmkns posted...
GregShmedley posted...
Smashingpmkns posted...
Lol not even a tenth of the military would fight on the civilians side if something like this would happen.

GregShmedley posted...
Don't think you've been around too many veterans in your life

Don't think you know what you're talking about tbh. It's not like one day someone's commanding officer is going to be like "alright today you have to kill your parents and everybody you love."

Don't think I ever said that or implied it.

In any event where the government is going to successfully turn its armed forces against its citizens, there would have to be a massive manipulation or a catastrophic event that can be used as justification. There will definitely be those that fall in line--no doubt. But there will be those that defect and will take arms with the citizens.
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