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People don't change. Their situations change.....and that sometimes forces certain aspects of their personality to go into hibernation. Or awaken.

Take sluts, for example. (holds back a laugh)

When you have a man or a woman who absolutely struggles with monogamy, and just wants to bang anything that moves.....constantly wanting more, never satisfied, gets bored easily...........these people eventually have to grow up. Once they reach their 40's or 50's....or get into a car accident and are physically disfigured....their sluttiness will probably diminish.

Did this person "change"?


Some people might think they grew up and finally realized the value of commitment and giving all their attention to one good partner at a time.....

....but the slut is still there. It's who they are as a person.

The only reason they aren't a slut anymore is because they realize they are older now and have less value on the dating market, so they can't afford to BE a slut anymore (although they still might be tempted to try from time to time).

But if they were to suddenly get an expensive make-over, start working out a lot, get some kind of stomach bug and lose a ton of weight.....or discover a strange object in a cave that summons some strange tentacled entity that can give them eternal youth and attractiveness..................the slut will come back. Because it is who they are.
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