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The_Bitcoin posted...
E: a combination of the following groups, together:

* naive people who wouldnt vote for Hillary because she is not cool enough
* extremist leftists that didnt vote for Hillary because she was not a socialist or communist
* racist people who understood the dog whistles and bullhorn calls that trump used, poorly disguised by a thin veneer of ambiguity, such as Mexican rapists, bad hombres , going back to the good old days, obsma is not an American, etc
* bernie or bust people who voted against Clinton out of spite
* smart and reasonable people who voted for trump just because they vote on a party like all the time or most of the time

they voted for a snake oil salesman who took pride on saying he doesnt know how government worked, which is the most stupid thing someone can do. You dont choose the brain surgeon who takes pride on not knowing how surgery works. You dont choose the lawyer who takes pride in not knowing how the law works. You dont choose the bus driver who takes pride on not knowing how driving works. You dont choose a government official who takes pride on not knowing how government works to run the most powerful country on earth (believe it or not we used to be the worlds most powerful country not so long ago).

Can you really blame everything wrong with the USA right now on Donald Trump?

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