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where is the gotd2 schedule

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vote someone out each round
each round (or every other round?) someone gets an idol by voting first
each round has a twist announced at the beginning of the round, which I know some of us will hate (ex. getting 8+ votes you're immune instead, can't vote for someone you've already voted for, person voted out can drag someone out with them, etc), so you strategize around that
there are 5 video rooms with room limits, players can go in and out of rooms and strategize

us as the viewing audience has a page with all 5 rooms and you unmute/mute whichever rooms you're interested in

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i think its just cause we're in the faculty of engineering and not the faculty of arts and science

engineering is more structured, the first 2 years courses are all chosen for us

the artscis get to run free in their own filth
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