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Is it gay to cry during a poop?

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Funkydog posted...
You have Choco's poop in your bed? Does he know about this?
HE put it there

masticatingman posted...
Take fiber vitamins daily, they'll change your life. Basically you never have to struggle even a little bit while you shit ever again.
what if you laugh too hard and

tevilstwo posted...
Do you ever drop off a choco at the pool and by pool I mean literally a pool with other people?
not yet but i may

tote_all posted...
This reminded me of one of them Internet stories.
the one about the broken arms?

codey posted...
TC definitely shits the bed and lays in it
codey i will poop so hard dont test me

Zodd3224 posted...
You always have the most profound topics Corn
i know right? this is a question everyone thinks of always

nevershine posted...
its fine as long as its because you miss it after its left your body
being sad after it (the poop) left your body? i think they call that post poopem depressino

ZevLoveDOOM posted...
crying during a poop is what separates men from boys fam.
you're so smart


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